Very Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hey Girlfriend!

I just wanted to put together a quick little post of last min. ideas for Valentine’s Day today. I tend to have FOMO after the fact so these are things you can easily do and get in on some v-day fun without having an actual plan.

This post is very me because well I’m a last minute do-we always. Currently getting a pedicure and we’re supposed to be leaving town in like 2 hrs.

If I’m being honest we really don’t do anything major for Valentine’s Day. If we we were staying in town we would do a dinner date night but we don’t really do gifts or anything especially because my birthday is just a couple days after.

1. Papa John’s Heart Shape Pizza 🍕

– If we were going to be in town this is absolutely what we would be doing. I thought this would be so fun for the kids because well they LOVE pizza and of course how cute would a pic be with a heart shape pizza. Check with your favorite pizza place if you don’t care for papa johns. I think a lot of places are doing this.

2. Door Dash

– Have a date night in! This is another thing we would absolutely be doing. Door dash is our favorite app to order with because we live in BFE and I think that and Grub Hub are the only places that deliver out in Broken Arrow. If you’re in Tulsa (or a bugger city) try out Uber Eats or Postmates. Our favorite place to order from for a date night in is In The Raw sushi. So put those kids to bed, light some candles, and have a low key date night in.

3. Big Heart Shape Cookie or brownies

-This was another fun little thing I wanted to do with the kids. Target has heart shaped cookie pan which you could order for pick up with cookies or brownies and do a fun little activity with them tonight or this weekend.

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That’s really all I got because that’s all I had planned in my head. 🤣. Pizza, Sushi, Cookies and brownies. All our favorite things at our house.

I’d love to hear what your favorite things to do for Valentine’s Day are. Do you and your family have any traditions ? Comment below. 💋



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