Toy Room Organization with Completely Organized Tulsa

Recently I worked with Faith Conaway of Completely Organized Tulsa who helped this hot mess PREGGO mom get it together.  Well my toy room that is…. which with it being back to school season here and this baby coming before we know it I am in full on get organized and nesting mode!

Let me just show you how out of control this space had gotten:


Kind of embarrassed to share these before pictures because the toy room was pretty much a disaster!  It’s upstairs so I basically just avoided it like the plague, out of sight out of mind.  Julian likes to be downstairs with me so he would truck toys downstairs and at the end of the day we would just dump them back upstairs with no rhyme or reason.  Pretty much became a catch all.. therefore Patrick & I would avoid hanging out in the game room because the clutter just stressed us out.  Then it got to the point I just felt very overwhelmed and didn’t even know where to begin to start sorting through the toys and getting it organized…I also knew some toys just needed to be thrown out but I am a bit of a hoarder *GUILTY* and would always think OOOO we could use that for something… :/


Faith made this process stress free, quick and easy! She started by coming over for a consultation.  I showed her my space, talked about my goals for the room and my vision I wanted to achieve.  Then we came up with a plan and scheduled a date and time!

^^ In my head I was thinking I needed to prep the room for Faith before she got there but totally eneded up NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING! ^^





Now everything has a place and Julian actually loves playing in this room.  Since its all organized it makes pick up time a lot easier and enjoyable to get Julian involved.  Now that baby #2 is on the way I will for sure need Julian to help out keeping the space picked up.  This room is actually a space we recently finished out, before it was just our storage/attic space, so there is still lots of decorating I would like to do on the walls and add light fixtures.  Now that I don’t dread going in this space and actually enjoy hanging out up here with Julian it will make the next task of decorating a job I want to accomplish. 😉

I highly recommend hiring Faith to help with any of your organizing needs!  Time would pass by that I kept telling myself I will do it, I will get it done… but it never happened.  So I finally said enough is enough, I need the help!  She’s totally worth every penny and packages start at only $150 which covers 1-2 spaces.  Something you think would take a day and lots of work to get done, Faith can do it in less then 3 hours!! She’s very efficient and gets in and out of your space as quickly as possible.  At the end of the day she will even take the unwanted things and donate them for you.

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