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I know this post is a little out of the ordinary for me since my main focus is on style fashion tips BUT I’m trying to get back into a better daily routine now that baby is more on track with his routine and things are starting to feel a little more normal again.  Tristan is going to be 6 months old!!!  So I wanted to share some things I’ve been trying at home to help me be more productive throughout my day..

Honestly I LOVE reading about other stay-at-home mom routines and love getting new tips on bettering myself so I can be the best mom/wife I can be.  Which also means be as productive as I can be with my time and not fall into that lazy bum life that can happen easily if you’re just hanging around the house all day everyday!

These pics obviously have nothing to do with this post but just wanted to share a go-to look of mine thats my “Mom-On-The-Go” look and “I mean business!” lol

If you don’t already own [THIS DRESS] you need to get it in your closet ASAP!! Especially for summer.  Its an easy one to dress up or down.. I’m actually wearing it today with a cardigan and my favorite mom on the go slip on shoes that I keep raving about being a PERFECT mothers day gift.

I even wore this dress while I was pregnant (seen here) and it complimented the baby bump well since it has ruching on one side.

SO, A little over a year ago now I read The Miracle Morning and it was a good read to help motivate one to be more of a morning person.  I highly recommend it if you haven’t already heard of it.  I listened to it as an audio book and it for sure was an eye opener.

Being a stay at home mom you can easily loose that sense of having a J-O-B well because you’re just being a M-O-M.

BUT what the miracle morning pointed out to me that I really hadn’t thought about was looking at being a mom as an 8-5!


But the point was to say that when you work an 8-5.. you have to be DRESSED and ready to go when you “clock in” at 8am so why not be that way at home.

Here are some tips for me to get me going for the day and help me be more productive in my work space.. AKA: HOME office 😉


1. Wake up, wash your face and brush your teeth

One major thing that stuck out for me from reading Miracle Morning is right when you wake up wash your face and brush your teeth.  SO SIMPLE, right.. and you’d think would be a no brainer and probably what pretty much everybody does especially if you have a normal 8-5 job.  BUT for people like me being a stay at home mom this is something you easily stop doing first thing in the morning because you’re waking up and first thing taking care of your kiddos or CHUGGING a cup of coffee to ‘wake up’ before your kids do.  Coffee has more benefits if you actually wait one hour after waking up before having a cup and you’ll get more of a boost. 

2. Get Moving

This is the part of the Miracle Morning book that would say to exercise which I highly recommend if you can make that the next step in your routine BUT I think thats hard to commit to every morning or some of us just flat out have no motivation to work out.  So in general what works for me is just doing an activity like doing the dishes/cleaning the kitchen if I didn’t do it the night before OR starting a load of laundry.  I read something the other day that suggested starting a load of laundry every morning so 1. You’re forced to finish it through out the day and 2. It helps you stay on top of laundry so it doesn’t become overwhelming. “A load a day keeps the CHAOS away.”


This honestly has been the biggest life changer for me.  I was really bad about leaving the TV on in the background and then easily getting distracted or just zoning out in all the shows on Bravo TV and HGTV.

We’re just one of those families that has a TV in every room (thanks to my husband!) BUT when we sold our house and moved into our rent house I was like HEY, how about we try going with out cable TV and save almost $250 every month to put towards our NEW house!  A lot of our friends had started doing it and weren’t missing out on anything.  Thank the lord he was on board.    Don’t get me wrong we still love watching us some TV but now I’m not watching it all day long and only watch the news 1st in the morning or catch up on shows in the evening before bed.

We just pay for internet now.. HAVE TO HAVE THAT.  We put these antennas (which by the way you can add to your grocery pick up and don’t have to search in the store for them) on the TV so we can get the basic channels to watch the news then we use an Apple TV to watch movies and have apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and I did cheat a little and I use my parents cable sign in to watch my shows on Bravo TV, E!, and now yes… MTV to watch Jersey Shore.. #guiltypleasure

I also make it a reward now to watch TV.  It’s not as convenient to just turn the TV on to watch whatever you want or have a DVR list to just go down all the shows you watch.  SO, typing this out sounds kind of silly, but I tell myself once I’m done picking up the kitchen or putting away all the laundry at the end of the day I can watch my show.  HAHA HEY, this is just what works for me!!

4. Put your cell phone on the charger in the other room.

This is another major tip that helps me throughout the day.  I’m so bad about having my phone in my pocket or just sitting it on the counter next to me that all day long I’m distracted by every ding, vibration and alert!  Patrick actually at one point snuck on my phone and downloaded an app, Moment – Screen Time Tacker, that keeps track of every activity on your phone and then adds up how many minutes you’re using your phone throughout the day.  It is scary how easily those minutes turn into HOURS that you’ve spent just scrolling, looking up things or just messing around on your phone.  So it almost became a game for us, he also put it on his phone, and at the end of the day we would both check our statistics and see who was on their phone less!

Now I’ve just learned I get so much more accomplished around the house or even just being present with the kids when I just leave my phone in the other room or put it on the charger.  Helps you focus on everything else and I’m not stopping a task every other minute to check whats going on on my phone or to respond to all the things!

5. Get ready for the day in the A.M.

Obviously a majority of us HAVE to get ready for the day but being a stay at home mom it’s pretty easy to just hang in your pjs all day or leave your hair in a pony tail.. maybe not even brush your teeth cause your kids don’t care how your breath smells! HAHA JUST SAYIN’

I’ve been there! (some days I’m still there) BUT I feel my best and get way more accomplished when I make it a priority to do my makeup, fix my hair, put on a cute outfit.  I know this isn’t for everyone and sometimes you just don’t have all the time to do all of that!  Just start by picking one thing.. and start there.  It changes everything when you feel like your put together and ready to take on the day.  I won’t slack if I need to run an errand because I feel like I can just throw the kids in the car and get it done.. instead of feeling like well I still need to get dressed or “put my face on” before I go out in public.

Really it comes down to prioritzing and honestly if you prioritize yourself first then you’re going to look and feel your best and be your best for everyone else in your life! 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this post!

Make sure and ‘pin it’ so you can refer back to it for a little motivational reminder or if you can’t read through it now save it for later! 🙂



PS: I’d love it if you’d leave your personal tips on being productive & more focused at home in the comments below.  This mama could use all the help, tips & tricks I can and I’m sure other readers could too!

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