The new best and easiest way to do your baby registry & how to get everything you want/need.

Hey babes! No, I’m not pregnant but I feel like I know so many girls that are and want to help bring awareness about Walmart’s NEW baby registry experience. I wish there was something like this when I was pregnant. Walmart walks you through the process online step by step and puts a registry together for you with everything you will need!

Feeling clueless?

I remember being pregnant with Julian and feeling completely clueless on what all I needed or even wanted to get for myself and my first baby. I think I was one of the first of my friend group that had a baby and hadn’t been to many baby showers or even cared to pay attention to all the things people were getting when at a baby shower.

First Mistake:

Looking back at how I did my baby registry it was ALL over the place. I think I registered at like three different places and probably did multiple different things at different places and registered for things I didn’t even need just because I didn’t know better. I felt like I needed nursery items/decor from one place but then the necessities a baby actually needs were at another store. After looking at Walmart decor items I found all of these cute affordable pieces and realized you can easily do a super cute room for UNDER $500! Now I want to redo Tristans room. LOL Walmart is really a one stop shop keeping your whole registry streamlined for ALL baby things and all your list in ONE place.

PS: This is the same design as the rug in my living room that you all love!

How to get everything you want/ need:

First off if you want to get all the things you want and need MAKE IT CONVENIENT for everyone to find it all in one place. Especially since a majority of people you know are already shopping at Walmart (hello grocery pickup.) It makes it that much more convenient for friends/family to shop your registry, order online for pickup and or delivery! Also then easy on you if you need to exchange/return any items. I buy all my diapers/wipes and formula (before Tristan was 1.) So I would already be shopping there for everything else as is.

Add the high price items:

It is AMAZING to me the assortment that Walmart has to offer now. All the premium brands are offered as well as affordable so there is something for EVERYONE to purchase for you price wise. I remember thinking I better not put any high priced items on my registry because I didn’t want to burden anyone thinking they needed to buy me an expensive gift. But then when I had Tristan my friends were so sweet to go in on a HALO Bassinet for me and it was the perfect gift for us that we needed something for him in our room to sleep in.

That got me thinking that it’s nice to have these gifts that you may not buy yourself but feel like you need for convenience (or sanity) whatever it may be, a group of people (work friends, church friends, extended family) want to contribute but there isn’t ALOT of inexpensive items that you actually NEED. This way everyone can contribute and your happy with a gift you can get lots of USE out of. It’s a win win for everyone! 🙂

Thanks for checking out this post and hope you all got some great ideas for baby must haves! A majority of these items are products we own, LOVE and couldn’t live without. Please feel free to comment below or send me a DM on instagram if you have any questions about anything.



**Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. All selections and styling were done on my own, and all opinions are my own**

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