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HeY Babes!

Today I am talking all about my tape-in hair extensions.  I’ve had these extensions for almost 3 months now & on my 2nd wear of them so I thought this would be a great time to share all about my love for tape-ins, who does my extensions and the promo she has going on right now..


^^ BEFORE ^^

As you can see my hair isn’t super short naturally but it’s definitely not considered LONG in my book.  I also think I have an average amount of hair, I tend to think my hair is thinning as I get older which I guess is probably true especially since having a baby and just all the damage I do to it with hot tools. Therefore I LOVE having extensions not only for length but for the extra thickness it adds.  


My hairstylist Lindsey White, who just so happens to be my soon-to-be sister in law *🙌*, works at Jara Herron Salon, on brookside in Tulsa, she uses Hotheads Hair Extensions that are known for being seamless laying completely flat to your head.  Therefore you can’t even tell they are there!

Length: We used the 18-20” hair extensions.  

Time: They take at least an hour to 2 hrs to install but should last you up to 6-8 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows / how much you wash your hair/ and just how rough you are on your hair.  To be honest I’ve noticed myself washing my hair less with the extensions in.  I can go about a full week without washing my hair! But I think that is definetely  a personal preference.  After 6-8 weeks you have to get them pushed up.  So basically she just takes them out, re-tapes them & puts them right back in.  I started to go a little longer then 8 weeks.. I think it was actually about 10 weeks that I finally got them re-applied.  Towards the end they literally started to just slide out.  Which brings me to my next point that they do not damage your hair! Unless you are super rough on your hair and just rip them out they easily come out of your hair once the tape starts to wear off OR by using the special solution that takes the stickiness off of the tape.  Which I highly recommend making sure you do not try to take them out yourself or YOU WILL loose hair.  Make sure to have her take them out for you! 

Cost: The major cost is up-front which is purchasing the hair.  The hair it’s self can last for 1-2 years once again just depending on the wear.  So after the initial cost you only have to pay for the re-applying of the extensions which is very minimal and no more then what you typically would pay for a cut/ color.  Right now Lindsey is offering 20% off for new clients who call & book within the next week (Call by July 31st).  This also applies to all hair services not only hair extensions so if you are just in the neighborhood of looking for a stylist or just wanting to try someone new this is a great time to take advantage of that ESPECIALLY on extesnions since up front they are a little bit more pricier! 

Contact: If you have any specific question you want to ask Lindsey about the hair extensions feel free to Direct Message her on her Instagram @HairByLindseyWhite OR comment below with your e-mail or contact info and I will make sure to connect her with you!! 🙂 

^^ AFTER ^^

I have had tape-in hair extensions before and I absolutely love them!!! They are my favorite type of extensions because I am a lazy person.  So the fact that they are already attached to my head (unlike clip-ins) I find myself wanting to style my hair more!  Even with an easy hair style like a braid, when you don’t have time to actually do your hair, they help make you’re hair look 10x better!! Same goes w/ a messy bun or a high pony tail!

When theres more hair, there is more you can do with it or it just looks even better having more with a messy hair style!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!

Please let me know if you have any other questions about the extensions that I didn’t answer above.  

Comment below and let me know if you have had tape-in extensions or what your thoughts are about them?!?! 



PS: Make sure and check my instagram later, I’m going to be announcing a giveaway!!! If you want to get ahead of the game make sure & follow along on Instagram @aroundtownbabe @hairbylindseywhite & @ashfrankestyles 

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  1. 7.26.16
    Kerey said:

    What colors did u go with?

    • 7.28.16

      Hey girl! Just in case you didn’t see Lindey’s response on Facebook but she just mentioned it was three different shades of brown! Feel free to direct message her on FB or IG @hairbylindseywhite for more inquires! 😉

  2. 7.4.20
    Nicole Crockett said:

    I’ve never had any extentions and am needing someone who knows what their doing. Would live to speak with Lindsey. Thanks for the post

    • 7.5.20
      aroundtownbabe said:

      Hey!You can reach out to Lindsey on FB or Instagram. @hairbylindseyjessogne she actually does a new way of extensions too called hand tied. That’s what I do now as well.