If you’re like me, you still don’t have your Easter outfit… I’m a last minute shopper! But I went into Dillard’s yesterday (with my son like a crazy person) & tried on a few options for Saturday Easter Egg Hunting.. (The Chambray Romper would be perfect for chasing kiddos around) & Sunday Church & Brunch (debating between this one & this one).  So, I’ve listed some options I saw in the local Tulsa Dillards (at Woodland Hills Mall) & otherwise a lot of the options are just great for the spring time!! 

If you follow me on snap chat you saw my CRAZY shopping experience… LOLz.. Lets just say it looked like a cherrio bomb went off in my dressing room. Lesson learned.. NEVER TAKE YOUR TODDLER SHOPPING!! Especially if you think you have time to try clothes on.. oh & don’t have a stroller to strap them in. hahahaha.. 

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