Step Up to The Challenge with Famous Footwear

It’s officially winter!

I feel like we’ve been pretty *lucky* (depending how you look at it) that so far the weather has been pretty warm for the season but I think it’s about to take a turn to be really chilly here in T-Town for the rest of winter.  Which of course *perfect timing* this time of year is when I’m gearing up to get back into a good exercise routine but with it being cold outside, I usually don’t want to leave the house especially super early in the morning which is usually the best time for me to go to the gym.

To be honest though, I WISH I was one that was good about working out at home but it’s the hardest for me to make that a routine.  I always find excuses or the kids or something that keeps me from actually doing the workout…

I do love The Sweat app by Kayla Itsines or Alexa Jean just came out with her Bode app that I love following along if I have no options but to work out from home that day.

What really motivates me to get back into it though is a fresh new pair of sneakers and of course new workout wear!  I recently got this pairfrom Famous Footwearand love the lightweight feel and how easy they are to slip into.  

My favorite thing to do at the gym is group class so I can make a schedule and have an actual time I HAVE to be there by.  Plus I like following along with the class.  My favorite class is Body Pump but I was starting to get into PiYo before I had Tristan and I would like to get back into that.  Another great thing that helps get me into the gym is having a buddy!  If I know I told someone I’m going to be there and they’re planning on me showing up I will hold myself more accountable to be there.

When I ordered these I saw Famous Footwearnow has pick up in store *GAME CHANGER* I’m so impatient these days and want it now that sometimes I just don’t want to wait on shipping and prefer to just run in, grab and go.  I do that with Target orders and Starbucks HELLO so why not also want my sneakers that way too! 😆

I love this pair so much that I now want the GREY color too.  They really have so many great pairs of Nikes at such good prices.

Outfit Details: 

This year for 2019 I really want to make working out more of a lifestyle change and not just a focus on my appearance.  In the past I make it all about just wanting abs or a toned body that I don’t focus on the most important part is the inner changes of how it makes me feel happier, less stressed and more energy!

So, throw your big puffy coat on and get your booty to the gym with your new pair of fresh sneaks and let us help motivate each other!

What’s your favorite workout to do to get back into a routine??

Can you work out from home or are you more of a gym go-er?

How do you stay consistent with your routine??



Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

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