Spruce Up with Utica Square: In-home Styling

You Guys! West Elm Tulsa in Utica Square came to my home… they brought all the things and styled it out & I didn’t have to lift a finger… Did you know this is a free service they can do for you too? Let me walk you through it…

My first main concern for having West Elm Tulsa come to my home was to style my kitchen shelves. I was a little overwhelmed with all the open shelving that I didn’t even know where to begin.

Ben and Carly (who are the visual managers at West Elm Tulsa) first came to my home to see what they were working with. We looked around the kitchen and discussed my vision for what I wanted this space to look and feel like.

The vibe.

If you’ve been following along on instagram then you saw what happened next (to see behind the scenes of this process check out my instagram story UTICA highlights here.)

After they came to my home and saw what all I needed we then schedule the next time for them to come back with all the items. This can happen two ways. You can have them bring all the things to you or then you can go in store and purchase yourself.

I personally loved them bringing everything to my home and seeing everything in my space before hand. It was also great to see the process of how they put it all together on the shelves. Seeing that process was key for me so when I want to switch the decor up for the next season I can follow the same patterns.

TIP: Something to think about when decorating shelves is balance. You want things to feel evenly weighted on both sides of the shelf. You can create a visual pyramid by clustering things closely together up top with something tall in the center and working your way down spreading things out and this will create balance also.

You also do not have to be purchasing everything new from West Elm. They did an amazing job at using the things I already had (which was basically just the dishes and a few decor items) then mixing in the new with the old.

What’s amazing is the first time they came out to my home we ended up walking my whole house and I discussed a few items I felt like were missing that we needed to complete the space.

As for my dinning table I loved my white vases which were coincidentally from West Elm but just felt in complete. So they just brought a few more items to add in to create a whole table scape and complete the look.

I can’t wait to fill the little lanterns with candles and plan a pretty dinner party to showcase this cute look!

The next space we added too was the living room. I always felt like the chairs were missing a little table in the middle and this gold with marble top is exactly how I imagined a table fitting here! Love the way this turned out.

Also, I was a little stumped with the coffee table. I new It needed something but started to over think it. When Carly saw this space and the size of my coffee table she knew exactly what type of tray I needed to put here. Also, love that she kept it simple here withe the candle and items I already had on the table.

The other area that needed to be completed in this room was on either side of the fireplace. I had been imagining artwork or floor length mirrors here but could never make up my mind. The convenience of Carly bringing these mirrors to my home has been amazing to visually see the items in my space and I love the way they added the planters and fig trees to liven up the room.

Speaking of convenience, I can’t recommend this free service MORE, especially being a busy Mom of 2 with not a lot of free time. The In-Home design service takes care of the guess work, time going back & fourth of buying/returning items.

Did I mention this free design service is also available at Pottery Barn Tulsa, Pottery Barn Kids Tulsa, and Restoration Hardware Tulsa all located in Utica Square.  Although I have not personally worked with the In-Store Design Teams at these stores I made sure to get the names of those that come recommended to work with. 

  • Of course I HIGHLY recommend Carly and Ben at West Elm Tulsa and can’t thank them enough for all their hard work of getting all the things to my home. Have I mentioned how quickly they went about it too… they do not mess around they come over and get right to it! So appreciative of their time! 🙂
  • My sister in law has worked with Kathy at RH Tulsa and has been super pleased with her help/selections. 

Thank you for checking out this post and I hope you enjoyed learning about the in home design services available at Utica Square. Seriously I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without using this service before and officially hooked on completing the rooms in our home! 

Comment below if you have any questions and I’d love to help in any way I can. 



All Photography by Christina Walden

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