Shopbop Sale Must Haves!


YOU GUYS! Not gonna lie I don’t shop on SHOPBOP a TON but when I do its typically to take advantage of this sale right here.

Here’s my top things/brands I think you should take advantage of being on sale:

  • Denim
    • A good pair of denim can also be a tad on the pricier side so taking advantage of amazing jeans while on sale just makes it easier to purchase. I bought this pair which is already selling out.. I think 2 sizes are left.. if it’s not your size purchase THESE.  They’re just as amazing.  I’ll link a few other faves below.

  • Tory Burch
    • Need I say more.. if your a TB girl now is for sure the time to take advantage of the discount and buy that pair of sandals you’ve been eyeing all summer.. you know the ones I’m talking about. Brown or Black ?? and THESE espidrilles remind me of Chanel.
  • Leggings
    • I’ve had my eye on THESE faux leather pair and was ecstatic to get them at 20% off since they’re kind of a splurge.  They’re by Spanx though so hoping they suck me in after the baby comes.

  • Travel Bags
    • My husband has actually became a TUMI snob since he’s started to travel more but it is just a tad on the pricier side so even he gets excited when he finds it on sale, which is RARE!! I got this backpack for mothers day and now can’t imagine traveling without it.  I’m even thinking it will make a good baby bag!





The sale doesn’t last long and sizes are already selling out! Take advantage of the sale, sign in with your amazon account to get prime shipping and FREE returns!! 😉



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