Organization finds for your main closet and pantry

Here it is! My big closet and pantry organization reveal that I have to give a BIG THANK YOU to @StayGoldenOrganizing for coming to my home and making all my organizational dreams come true!!

They rearranged things and made everything way more functional then I had it and talk about time saving on my part.. they found all the product I needed and brought it to my home to use. Then spent time pulling things out cleaning it out and then putting it all back together functionally and aesthetically!

Let me show you around…

They color coordinating my closet and actually pulled some things out of drawers (like some of my nicer pairs of leggings) and hung them or took things off hangers and folded them (like some of my athletic tanks.)

Made everything fit perfectly.

I love using matching felt hangers which I already had been using but then they brought me felt hanger clips to help hang some of my skirts up.

This is one of my new favorite things they put in is the acrylic shoe boxes. I especially love these because they’re more just like risers/ separators and don’t have the doors on them. I need quick and easy accessibility and think I will stay on top of keeping my shoes organized this way!

So many new things I’m loving on this side of the closet starting with the Hat holders at the top. I looked at the link online and they say they are wig holders but how perfect to display your hats! They come in other colors too but loving how the white blends in but showcases the hat so I can see them all to choose from.

Next I’m loving that they added the wallet/bag divided organizers on my shelves. Before this was a cluttered mess and now they are all separated out and easy to see to pull from. No cluttered shelves ever again!!

THESE DRAWERS are a total game changer now! I did have them organized before but the top drawer was crammed packed with my bras it would tend to get stuck. PLUS THIS top drawer was orignally planned for jewelry I actually shared about that [here] when we were building the house what my actual closet design was but this is how it turned out. THANKFULLY @StayGoldenOrganizing is making my closet dreams come true by making this jewelry drawer happen for me with these stackable jewelry organizers.

All the drawers were nicely folded and organized as well!!





NEVER AGAIN MARK MY WORDS!! All my shelves were a cluttered mess!



The Pantry was a huge undertaking.. I should share the photo of all the expired goods we had in there just after living here for over a year. EMBARRASSING LOL but thanks to @StayGoldenOrganzing they cleaned it out first. Kind of crazy to see the process but they pulled EVERYTHING out of the pantry to start. Which all the items took up our huge island and I couldn’t believe that I had fit it all in there!

Thankfully I had a-lot of the bins and containers from the last time I got it organized so it was great that they could re use those bins and only had to get a few new items. I’m so happy they made it look more balanced and symmetrical while still being functional.

Surprisingly they made it way more functional then I had it before.. moving a-lot of the snack items and more used items to the accessible shelves and switched more mommy items (vitamins/supplements/ spices/ baking goods) to the higher up shelves above the cabinets. HUGE improvement.



Of course I also loved how @StayGoldenOrganizing labeled everything. These are their own personal labels they create and apply to containers and bins.



Sharing a tour on my instagram @aroundtownbabe head over there and I will save it to my highlights too!

Leave your comments below if you have any questions or see something that I didnt link and need a link too. Thanks for being here!


Hope this was super helpful to see these spaces organized and inspires you to tackle your own spaces at home! OR if you are local I hope you reach out to @StayGoldenOrganzing and have them checkout your space to be organized. They do all different types of spaces and I’m hoping to have them back in my home soon again to help me in my bathroom and my makeup vanity area which is technically in my laundry room.

Check out their website to see more of the projects they’ve worked on and find out more information as well.

Make sure to tell them I sent you (Kat @aroundtownbabe) and you can receive 15% off.

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