Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 is here in less then 5 days!!!

Here are all the details you need to know [HERE]. If you start to see girls on IG shopping it earlier it’s because they’re most likely a level 4 cardholder (They spend 10k a year) at Nordstrom and are able to shop it 1 day earlier then other cardholder members OR they have been invited to an exclusive viewing.

I’m heading down to Dallas to see a preview of what will be on sale so make sure to follow along on IG Stories and Follow me (HERE) in the LikeToKnow.IT app so you can save things there!  It’s seriously my favorite way to shop all the things and to save items I’m not ready to purchase but want to save for later.  I love that they now have folders you can even organize collections say you want to save HOME items, or CLOTHING items, or WORKOUT clothes.. thats kind of how I have mine separated.

But that’s the key here people you gotta have the card to shop it early!

Get one [HERE] if you don’t already have one.

I’d love it if you girls would bookmark this blog post and check back here after the sale goes live.  I will have all the things I showed on my instagram directly linked here.  AKA: I will be doing all the dirty work for you so you don’t have to go searching/digging for the things.

Plus I’d love it if you girls use my links so I could get the credit.  Which goes for all bloggers! If you see something a blogger is sharing and you like it and saw it first through them USE their links so they get the credit.

That basically makes them able to continue blogging and making it a JOB and doing all the dirty work for you ladies so you don’t have to spend endless hours searching through all the pages.

Also, another thing to note is girls only get the credit if say you shop on your phone and click the link from your phone it only records it on your phone.  If you see the link on your computer and click on it there it only records it from your computer… so that being said you can’t see it on your phone then jump on your computer and checkout from your computer.. they will not get the credit!


Here is a few sneak peeks of what will be apart of the sale this year! 

**You will be able to click on and see the items but some will not be available until the sale is live on Friday at 11:30AM CT**


The main categories I highly recommend  to shop during the sale are pricey athletic wear, higher price items that RARELY go on sale like barefoot dreams, outerwear and fall/winter boots.

Comment below if there is something specific you’d like to see while I’m previewing the sale! OR feel free to DM me.. I can even e-mail you direct links if you’d like.  

I’m here for ya babe! 



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