New Home: Master Closet Inspiration with OYOBox

Hi Friends!

Our new house is moving right along.  It’s still in the framing stage but they pretty much have the roof completed and I’m praying that means windows will be next!  I’m super excited about the windows and can’t wait to show you guys.

Of course the NUMBER 1 thing I’m very excited about is THE CLOSET! (Ok, it may not be the number 1 thing but it’s pretty up there.. I can’t lie I’m pretty excited about the kitchen too!) I’m freaking excited about the whole house.

BUT TODAY I’m sharing about the closet which is going to be around 12 x 13 sq ft and I am such a sweet wife I’m going to share all that with Patrick! lol

(PS: Patrick took all of these pics for me sooo this is as good as it gets! HA.)

Also, would love for you to share your suggestions on how you would finish this space out in the comments below!  I love hearing other peoples thoughts/ideas. 🙂

This first pic is looking at the back wall of the closet from the bathroom.  We decided to vault the ceiling in the master closet because well we could.. there is nothing right above this space so I’m anxious to see how this will turn out and of course imagining a pretty chandelier hanging down in the center.

Another thing I’m imagining is below the 2 windows in the center would be a vanity area.  Not 100% this will work since I’m also wanting an island in the center of the closet and I just don’t think there will be enough space for it all.  Maybe below the windows would be shelves for shoes and bags ??

This is where I’d love to hear thoughts on how you’d finish this back wall..

The picture above is looking at the closet from the laundry room (to the right of the windows) I’m imagining this to just be a full wall of hanging space for clothes mixed in with shelving.

The picture above is looking from inside the closet back towards the bathroom door. (It’s a pocket door)

And the picture below is a another view from the laundry room side.  So Patrick basically only took pics of my side of the closet lol his side is basically a full wall also but theres a door in the middle of it.  Which is more the plenty of space for him. LOL  I think I shared pics of our last closet in [THIS POST] if not I’ll see if I can find a pic to add.

Last week we went and looked at the parade homes which was nice and annoying all at the same time! lol We got lots of good ideas on finishes but then of course you see lots of other amazing things thats of course not in your budget! lol.

But this closet below we saw at a parade home in Owasso in the Stone Canyon area by Tocara  Custom Homes and I feel like its a similar space to what we have so I’d love to some how re-create it.


Of course the first thing I loved was the island! This has been something very similar to what I have envisioned with the clear glass on top for jewelry.. but I was really thing it would just be on one side since I am sharing the closet with Patrick and half the island would be his.

I love the way they utilize the tall wall space by mixing hanging space with shelving space.

Love these boxes in this corner for shoes/bags/ hats all the accessories. Or for even folding jeans and sweaters.

My hopes for this closet are to make all the spaces well thought out and to have space for all the things; clothes, shoes, bags, accessories.  Since this is our second time to build within the last 4 years and trying to make this our official forever home I’m trying to take more time in thinking out (probably over thinking) each space.

Which I’m so excited to have this OYOBOX to use for my sunglasses.  Before I was just using a tray to display all my sunglasses but noticed over time it just got SUPER dusty. And if you know me you know I’m not big on dusting as in I NEVER DUST.

Soooo when I saw this box I knew it would be a life savor for my sunglasses and for my non existent dusting self and of course its just a beautiful way to have them displayed

I already envision keeping this box displayed on top of the island in the closet. Right above the jewelry.  Everything organized and easily seen and accessible to pair with outfits.

Other inspiration pics

Vanity space inspiration.

Love the way this hanging space is finished out.

Floating shelves for shoes.


Thanks for reading my Master Closet Inspiration post and look forward to sharing more home inspiration post with you throughout this build process.

Please comment below with any ideas you have on finishing out this space. Or if there is something you love about your closet/ hate about it share below. 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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