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Happy Weekend, finally sharing my DUPES post and first I’m going to start by sharing the designer dupes I already own.  Basically they’re all accessories.. I’ll be honest I tend to only like actual designer handbags because once I think you’ve had a nice bag its hard to carry anything else BUT that being said there are some nice high quality designer dupes out there!  I think this Chloe look-a-like Faye Bag is one of those. Keep reading below for more reviews… & click on the product pics for more details!

FIRST OFF!! I almost forgot I have to tell you about this adorable top I got last week.  It’s from Brandi Land by Brandi Redmond. (If you know me then you know my guilty pleasure is Real Housewives Shows on Bravo and Dallas is one of my faves since its close to Tulsa.  I love watching Brandi on that show her and Stephanie crack me up!) Brand was so sweet to send me this top and share with you all so of course I was fan girling!!

See more of the top here, it’s adorable how they styled it on the model and the best part it’s only $39. Such a great price for a perfect date night look.  I wore it for date night last Friday when we went to eat at Mary’s Italian Restaurant.  SOOOO GOOD if you haven’t tried it yet its a must!!

Anywho if you’re an Oklahoma girl or a Texas girl, really just a midwest girl then you will love her shop!! Brandi was also so sweet to give me a discount code to share with you girls too. Shop the whole site and get 25% off when you use the code: AROUNDTOWN

Celine Sunglasses

The Celine Dupe Glasses do feel inexpensive.. they’re very lightweight and feel like your basic cheap-y sunglasses BUT we’re going for the look here and the look is PERFECT!

Gucci Belt


-Click [HERE] for the 0.9″ size

-Click [HERE] for the 1.18″ size

The Gucci Dupe Belt in my opinion is nice for the price you’re paying! I have had others tell me that its pretty much the same as the real deal.. the GG belt buckle I think is a tad smaller and I’m sure obviously the leather isn’t as nice but once again going for the look here and if someone was to see you wearing the belt pretty sure there is NO WAY they will tell its a dupe… 😉

Chloe Bag

This Chloe Bag dupe to me is a really good quality bag! The hardware feels heavy and the material feels nice.  I think the only thing that you can really tell its a dupe is maybe the strap but once again if someone saw you wearing this bag at a glance they’re probably going to think its the real deal!! Obviously it doesn’t say Chloe on it.. soooo theres that.

Marc Fisher Wedges

Ok, in my personal opinion I actually like the ‘DUPE’ version better! I think they’re maybe tad more comfortable but when comparing to the actual Marc Fisher wedge the hardware is 110% nicer and the ankle strap is a nicer leather material.  You of course get what you pay for material wise!

Valentino Sandals

As you can see I was Prego here and actually in Las Vegas for a convention which I had to walk a lot!! So you probably think I’m crazy for wearing these but they really weren’t bad.  I think because they have the block chunky heel that made them more comfortable to walk in and to me once again these look like the real deal to me so I love them!

Kristin Cavallari Boots 

 Ok, not sure I’d actually call these a ‘dupe’ but more just INSPIRED look-a-like.  I get they don’t really look anything alike but they have that slouchy look and I personally prefer a little bit more of a point on the toe then the rounded toe boot look.  SO these are a WIN in my book! Also, this is a pic from when we were in Napa and I wore them for a full day and had no problems.. total comfort boot once again with the chunky heel.

Topshop Stripe Colorblock Cardigan

Soooo technically this isn’t like a big “designer dupe” BUT this cardigan was a very popular cardigan from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that sold out immediately.. and for some reason they never restocked it.  Now you see people trying to re-make it like this Goodnight Macaroon one here that they’re selling for close to same price as original but I’ve found the EXACT look-a-like one HERE for a fraction of the price.

Gucci Mules

This by far is my favorite trend right now!! Basically lived in the furry mules for the past 3 months and had to buy a second pair because I love them so much.  Now with the white mule not going to lie when I first purchased them I wasn’t for sure they were for me… They’re kind of LOUD for a mule BUT I love love a white sneaker so I just look at them as a dressier casual version for a white sneaker and have been wearing them with every outfit for the last week if you’ve been on my insta-stories then you know whats up. ha!!


I love finding designer dupes cause lets be honest I love shopping way too much and need to save my money where I can! SO I really hope you all loved this post as much as I loved putting it together.  Please share below your favorite designer dupe so I can shop it too.

Hope everyone has a fun relaxing weekend!



More Dupes I’ve seen online and have been looking at purchasing:

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  1. 3.12.18
    Liz said:

    The Gucci belt dupe isn’t working :/

    • 3.12.18
      aroundtownbabe said:

      the belt sold out!! :/ I’m going to keep my eye on it and update this post when it comes back!! Check on my instagram too for updates..

    • 4.3.18
      aroundtownbabe said:

      Hey Girl, hope you see this comment! THE GUCCI DUPE BELT IS BACK IN STOCK!!

      • 4.3.18
        Liz said:

        Yay!! You are the best, thanks for the heads up!