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I have been LOVING Macro Meals Online so much that I wanted to share with you guys how great it is! Macro Meals Online is an online food delivery service currently delivering to the Tulsa Area. All food is freshly made and hand delivered to your doorstep so the ingredients are never frozen.

I’ve been eating MacroMealsOnline since the first of December and it’s a total game changer. One I’m the worst at meal prepping and totally guilty of going through a drive through to avoid making something when I get home. With MacroMealsOnline the meals come pre-made so you don’t even have to think about it! Just grab & go. Plus it’s all clean ingredients and you can customize it to your diet.

I get meals for Patrick also and have him take them to work for his lunch so I know he’s eating good too!

They mix up their meals monthly but one of my favorites (& Patrick’s) they always keep on the menu is the Korean Beef, they also make breakfast meals ( I LOVE the breakfast tacos) and recently added juices (I love grabbing a juice in the morning or afternoon as a quick substitute). Another favorite item I always get is the Chocolate bites & PBJ protein bites. These make great snacks if you start to get a craving in between meals.

How it works: You order your meals weekly On Wednesdays before noon. You’re then delivered your meals that Saturday/Sunday/Monday (you pick) and then you have meals that last for the week. Each meal comes with a date on it that lets you know the BEST (to eat) BY date.

** They are working on delivering nation wide so stay tuned for that!

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my stomach and the way I feel overall since eating clean! I highly recommend MacroMeals Online if you’re trying to get on track with eating healthy.

USE MY CODE: ATB for $10 off your order

Send me or Macro Meals Online any questions you may have and I’d love to help you get setup 💗

Contact Macro Meals @ (918) 907-3500 or send them a DM on instagram @MacroMealsOnline

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