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Happy *ALMOST* Valentine’s Day Babes!

I’m excited to share a few new rings I received from the new James Avery collection just in time for Valentine’s Day. Lately I’ve been into very classic, dainty jewelry that is timeless and can be worn forever no matter your age or style. I feel like James Avery has truly captured that with their new collection.

I also thought this would be a fun time to share Patrick & I’s love story more so because I love to reminisce but also because I love reading stories like this.. just like peoples birth stories… It’s something I’m always intrigued by and gives me all the warm fuzzy feelings. <3

Funny story I bought these cookies & chocolates for this shoot and I ate one cookie that day… Thinking I’ll save these treats for actual Valentine’s Day.. Well my fault leaving them out on the counter because they were all gone in a matter of DAYS! Patrick and the boys got into them.. except for a few of the chocolates. Which I told Patrick he left me all the bad ones… to his response.. Good things Valentine’s is still coming.. Maybe you’ll get some more chocolates then… THANKS BABE! I’m craving chocolate RN!

I was actually just on my personal facebook and looking back at all my profile pictures which a good majority are of just Patrick and I. We’ve officially been together for almost TEN years. Which I don’t know why blows my mind because we actually met three years prior to that so we have known each other for 13 years. My very first profile picture of me is actually a cropped photo that Patrick took and I was only 18! He was 21 going to be 22 that year… So if this isn’t already painting a picture it was pretty much the whole younger girl falls for the “older guy” routine.

Let’s just say when I was 18 I always felt like I had the upper hand with the boys.. as in I didn’t put up with any bull and always went by the motto:

“I always tell the girls, never take it seriously, if ya never take it seriously, ya never get hurt, ya never get hurt, ya always have fun” 

(Name that movie 😉 )

We met the summer after I graduated high school and was going to be leaving for college in the fall.

Long story long we ended up dating each others friends and I went off to college but we of course stayed in touch well because we were still in the same circle of friends. He’d occasionally come to visit and go to parties with my roommate and I and well my memory gets kind of fuzzy here because well “college.”

We stayed in touch but also lived two separate lives. He worked in Tulsa, I went to school in Edmond at UCO at the time but would always drive back home to visit. We would FaceTime a lot… before I think it was even considered FaceTiming… Somewhere a long the line during this time pretty sure I fell for him.. I fell HARD for him… Kind of embarrassing looking back and I 100% had to have been that girlfriend that doesn’t stop talking about a boy and all the things they love about him *insert Scheena talking about Rob* (That’s for all my fellow Vanderpump Rules followers)Next thing I know Patrick is flying me and two of my friends out to Vegas for New Years Eve which he was on a family vacation with his friends, his Brother, his Parents and both his Grandmas! I totally thought this meant we were going to start serious dating but found out on the trip he was TALKING TO ANOTHER GIRL… He totally friend zoned me!!!

*Loooorrrdd if only I could tell you all the things and not get embarrassed* maybe one day 😉*

After that trip I had the dreaded realization.. He just wasn’t that into me.. and then there was a phone call from him saying “Maybe we shouldn’t talk for awhile… ” (there’s more to the story here but trying to wrap this up)


I figured that’s it .. need to move on with life and so I pretty much did that.. I finished my second year at UCO and decided I wanted to move back home to Tulsa. This is where I’m trying to remember where Patrick and I reconnected.. because we honestly went MONTHS without talking but I think good ol’ facebook reconnected us and he messaged me.

We started hanging out again and in the same circle of friends but still continued to be dating other people. We really were just really good friends and would always talk to each other about who we were dating and just kind of be there for each other but never serious dated ourselves.

So it’s like it just hit us one day.. we were always talking and hanging out and never seemed completely happy/satisfied by the people we were dating and *BAM* why don’t we just date each other ???

(sorry thats kind of boring but really it was the craziest thing…)

We started dating and BOY have we been through ALOT! I think at one point I even freaked out and was like what am I doing I’m not ready to settle down I want to move away from Oklahoma and get outta here HA! (I joke that I got him back for breaking my heart after Vegas.) Love’s a funny thing though… I think we basically just never gave up on each other. It’s kind of like when you know you know! We ended up together a good solid three years I think before we got engaged. During those three years we traveled a lot, we went to Mexico, Florida (we love Disney World and that was before kids), and Vegas of all places which is where we got engaged on top of the world at The Stratosphere. We had a year long engagement, got married and pregnant with Julian.

Here we are 5 (almost 6 in June) years later and with 2 kids! It’s been a wild ride but we’ve been through so much I truly believe we can get through anything. I mean we’ve survived being pregnant/having babies all while we decide to build homes at the same time which people say are 2 of the hardest things you can do in your marriage. 🤣

This build we’re currently in is for sure TESTING that theory! Pray for us.

Which brings me back to what I’m really here to talk about which is this perfect love reminder, my new James Avery Rings. I love the Fearless Heart Ring to be a nice reminder to choose love everyday. I love the look of layering rings so I also chose the Script Initial Ring and the Delicate Forged Rings.

I also love that James Avery is a family-owned company and that their designs are more than jewelry. It’s a symbol of faithfulness and the comfort of strong held beliefs. James Avery is more than a store. It’s your story!

This Valentine’s I challenge you to write out your own love story and take a walk down memory lane with your loved one. It was funny talking about this with Patrick and helping each other fill in some of the pieces that have became kind of blurry since having two kids and getting caught up in day to day life. Promise it’ll help reconnect the love! ūüėČ


*This post was sponsored by James Avery Jewelry but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Around Town Babe up and running!

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