Julian’s Black Friday Style! :)

^^ This crazy hair boy will barely stand still for 2 sec. for me to snap a shot 😆 ^^

^^ seriously though! Those baby brown eyes make my heart skip a beat!! ^^

^^ He thinks it’s so funny when we put stuff on his head/ face ^^

^^ He was playing peak-a-boo behind his furry hood ^^

^^  Trying to get a pic with this kid in his rain boots #fail 😂 ^^

^^ Sneak peak of Julian’s play room! That rug was only $50 at hobby lobby!!! ^^

JULIAN’S OUTFIT DETAILS: Coat // Shirt // Jeans // Socks // Boots (PORCELIN BLUE color on sale for $38.99) Nordstrom Rack is also having a huge sale on hunter boots also check it out here! Loving this pair for the MOM’s too! 

I really want to start including Julian’s style into the blog!  So this is the first of many you are going to start seeing including details on where I buy his clothes.  I honestly sometimes have way more fun getting him dressed then myself! With the way that I dress him I’m in really big trouble if I am to have another child and it be a girl!!! EEEKK… but for now I’m already getting myself in way too much trouble buying all the cuteness for him!! ESPECIALLY SHOES! I don’t know why I’m obsessed with baby shoes but they’re just soooo cute!!  I splurged on these little hunter rain boots for him in hopes that they will work for the next child as well… 🙂

We kind of went Black Friday shopping unintentionally.  We have been wanting to transform Julian’s old bedroom into a cute fun playroom so we went to Hobby Lobby to find some little decor & things to get the ball rolling on it.  They were having 50% off pretty much the entire store so we scored 4 chairs, a rug, pillow, cork boards and other little decor items for right around $200! I feel like that’s a pretty good deal.. Can’t wait to get it all finished in hopes to do a room tour one day with it all finished!!! 

Hope everyone had a nice crazy holiday weekend!! 

Now the real fun begins CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! 



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