Gingham Ruffle Detail Romper, LOFT 50% Off Sale & Explaining Like To Know It

AKA: ALL THE THINGS is what I should really call this blog post because I’ve been dying to share this gingham romper, but it is also the LOFT 50% off sale which my favorite off shoulder gigham top is under $20 !! And then, I’ve still been hearing people ask me.. What’s a fashion blogger? What’s and affiliate links .. SO I’m just going to wrap it all up here and do a little education post. ūüėČ

Outfit Details: Gingham Romper, Black Denim Jean Jacket, White Sneakers, Jewelry, Celine Bag

First off, Saying I’m obsessed with this romper would be an understatement ! It checks off so many of my favorite trends right now.. Gingham, Ruffles, Bows.. ROMPER. ¬†SO much cuteness in one easy outfit. ¬†I used to always love seeing girls with baby bumps make rompers/jumpsuits look adorable so kind of made it my mission this pregnancy to find those types of rompers and jumpsuits that work with the bump. ¬†As you can see in my IG post from yesterday I’m loving this tencel chambray jumpsuit. ¬†I’m really hoping this romper still fits when we go to Vegas here in a couple weeks for Stella & Dot Hoopla. ¬†After just checking the website to make sure the romper was still in stock I’m now wondering if I’m wearing the romper backwards here?? LOL. I guess you can wear it 2 ways.. and tie the bow in the front. Pretty cute!

**Any other S&D Babes here going to hoopla?? Comment below, would love to connect with you!**

On to my other favorite gingham item in my closet, THIS off the shoulder top from LOFT.


This is super cute if you are not pregnant, but loving that it’s blousy enough for my growing baby bump. ¬†AND HELLO you can’t beat the price right now being 50% off making it under $20. ¬†THE WHOLE LOFT SITE is 50% off including new arrivals, kind of insane to me but I was up late last night and started shopping the sale so thought I would share a few of my favorites, already purchased this new arrival camo cargo jacket, which will be perfect this Fall, so I’m fully taking advantage of this sale and stocking up now before the good items sell out! Here’s more of my favorites below…

If you’re still with me on this blog post I’d love to educate you on LikeToKnow.It.


So, I am apart of the affiliate company RewardStyle which I use to link certain items, mainly outfits and things I’m loving and not everything I can link with RewardStyle unless they are an approved vendor through RewardStyle. ¬†This means that when you click on one of my links, shop and purchase, then I make a small commission off of the sale. ¬†Which leads me to ¬†You may have seen me tag on my Instagram or seen the actual Instagram account

WHAT IT IS: is a service that allows rewardStyle members to provide stoppable detailed information with linkable items in their social media photos to their followers.  It is 100% free for you as a user.


Ok this is by far the easiest way to use

  1. Download The LiketoKnow.It App and Sign Up
    • sidenote: I know sign up sounds scary, but this is a free program, it just needs to collect your information to use the app with your Instagram.
    • LikeToKnow.It originally sends e-mails with all the outfit details linked but you can opt out of that now so you do not get overwhelmed with lots of emails and just use the app to shop details. Make sure to enable screenshots.
  2. Like and/or Screenshot Photos On Instagram that are enabled with the link.
  3. Go to Your App where all of your likes/sceenshots will be captured and click on the photo you would like the details on.
  4. Click & Shop. Click on the photo to see the details linked.

**if you are not interested in signing up or using the LikeToKnow.It app you can always just go to my ‘Shop Instagram’ page at the top of my blog to see the items I’ve linked in my Instagram Post without signing up or downloading**


I’m hoping a majority of you that are reading this already use LikeToKnow.It and have the app. BUT the reality of it is or so it looks like in my analytics if I’m reading them correctly is that a little less then 200 of my 11.2k Instagram followers actually like/use LikeToKnow.It

I have personally loved using for as long as it has been around for the simplicity/curiosity of information. ¬†There are so many ‘fashion bloggers’ I follow and get outfit inspiration from. ¬†I love being able to just like/screenshot the photo and instantly get all the details without having to ask any questions or wait on someone to get back to me with answers.

I’ve had some friends even say things like.. “Oh, I don’t personally know that person so I feel uncomfortable commenting on her photo” So, this is a great way to not worry about all that and just get the answers yourself. ¬†Honestly though you should never feel uncomfortable writing on peoples Instagram photos if you know them or not. ¬†Everyone is sharing their photos on Instagram because they WANT you to comment and they WANT to engage with you on Instagram. ¬†So show some love regardless even if you liked or screenshot the photo and just want to know the details. ¬†Fashion bloggers, myself included loves to hear ya’lls feedback… Do you like that trend? Do you want to know how to make it work with your personal style? ¬†Do you need to know sizing details?? Just wanna ask a question or make a random comment.. DO IT!!

Ok, kind of went off on a rant there so I will end this now.

**Please comment below if you have any further questions regarding this post!**

HAPPY 4th of July WEEKEND!! We are headed to Branson tomorrow and then going to the lake on Sunday.  So excited for family time, boating and fireworks.



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