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Ya’ll!!! This is my number one thing I am most excited about moving into the new house. I have had a vision for how I wanted my home to look like for awhile and I feel like working with Luxe Furniture & Design has made that vision become a REALITY.

So just to give a little backstory on how I found out about Luxe. I actually had heard about Luxe a few years ago and honestly I think at first I thought they were just a cute furniture store but didn’t realize they had a full design team! Fast forward to a little over a year ago my Brother-In-Law and Sister-In-Law were finishing building their home and they started working with Luxe to design their living room and dining room layout/ pick out furniture. Hearing about their experience and seeing their furniture selections come together I knew I wanted to work with them on our home. Plus my mother in law ended up using them as well! SO needless to say they’ve been great to our whole family!

Only problem is Patrick has NEVER agreed to work with an “interior designer” thinking we can just do it ourselves… that’s a waste of money…

WELL you know what else is a waste of money.. trying to order furniture yourself and then getting it in and it not working in your space.. ending up hating it and having to figure out what you’re going to do with all this furniture LOL Yup… thats exactly what happened in our last house.. We bought what I thought was a living room layout I liked and he agreed to it.. and we had it that way for maybe a month or 2 and then ended up rearranging the whole house and just had these random pieces spread out in random places of our home.

See the thing about working with Luxe is their design services are complimenmtary with purchase. So if you are already planning on buying a couch or even just a coffee table whatever it is they will help design a space for you. So I knew I could talk Patrick into working with Luxe with that alone… SCORE!

Starting out I knew 100% we were going to need a new dinning room table. In our last house the space we had fit a round table and in this new home the space is more laid out for a long rectangular table. I knew that would for sure need to be our first purchase.. So I already knew we had something to BUY. We really needed new living room furniture too, well because kids and the dog we had for around a year have pretty much ruined our couch (It’s going to be going in KIDS game room.) So secretly I had been scheming how we could get all new living room furniture as well.

1. Meet & Greet

Image: RH Catalog

My Sister-in-law had already been working with Michelle from Luxe and I got connected with her. Immediately meeting Michelle I showed her above picture and was like this is my DREAM living room. I also showed her a couple of my favorite home decor instagram accounts and of course shared my Pinterest board with her which I think is super beneficial for them to see if you’ve already been collecting concepts and ideas.

Michelle immediately could see a theme with neutrals and kind of a boho/Parisian/ Cozy vibe. I think I originally told her I thought I was really into “Bohemian Glam decor” (I had a lot of mirrored furniture in the last house and love Z Gallerie which seems kind of “GLAM” to me and I love the airy neutral bohemian vibe so this label made sense to me) but I feel like she came up with a better name for my design vibe. Can’t remember what it was but I know she thought I was more “Parisian” and not glam. LOL I’ll have to ask her about that again… Honestly I started to feel like she knew me better then I knew myself! HA. That may sound crazy but as soon as I started describing things to her and showing her some concepts that I liked she could instantly start visualizing my space and what furniture would go best in our home.

Although our house is considered the Modern Farmhouse look on the exterior I’m not really a Farmhouse type of gal on decor. So we were also going more modern-esque on the inside.

2. Welcome To My Home

The next part of the process is Michelle & Ally came out to my home to take measurements and to see the space in person. We discussed a vision and ideas on how we wanted some things laid out and to show her which spaces we really were needing furniture for first to get started and maybe what we’d like in the future.

What’s funny is I had already mentioned to Michelle that I wanted to look into getting a couch with Crypton Fabric so that we could get a light colored couch but this whole time Patrick has also been trying to talk me into leather couches. (Have I mentioned I have a super opinionated husband who actually cares about the design/layout. Sometimes I wish I had one of those husbands that didn’t care about that stuff and was just like, “Ok Hunny you want a pink couch, go for it!”) 🤣 So Patrick actually showed up to this meeting before me and apparently started talking to Michelle about wanting leather and THANKFULLY Michelle is so educated on the fabrics that she was able to persuade him into other options. SCORE!!!

After taking measurements Michelle also took pictures of the spaces we were wanting furnished to keep and to reference back to when picking out furniture selections. She also sketched on some other these photos to show what certain things would look in that space.

3. Selections Meeting

A week later we had set up a meeting to go over Michelle’s picks for furniture and decor ideas. I loved this presentation! She had laid everything out on the table so I could see how it would flow together. She picks out about 2-3 selections for each piece you’re wanting so you have a couple options to choose from and not completely overwhelmed with all the things.

Remember I had showed her the original RH couch that I wanted which is technically The Cloud couch which is like a million dollars (not really but it is a lot of money and not sure what fabrics you can get it in if it is “kid friendly” or really how comfortable is it even!). She picked out a couch that looks very similar to it but actually sits up a little higher and then showed me 2 options of a Sunbrella Fabric which of course I went with the lighter version! 😉 Sunbrella Fabric is an indoor/outdoor fabric so it is very durable stain resistant.

*Fingers crossed because I’m sure my kids will be testing it daily!*

They print out a picture of every single selection and then can also print off layout designs. The layout designs were super helpful for us to see the size of the furniture in the actual size of our space. Especially because we decided to go with a modular couch this was helpful to see how it would look with more or less pieces or to see all the different layouts the couch could be placed in. I felt kind of bad because we had her show us about 55 different ways to layout the couch with the amount of pieces we wanted… let’s just say we will have LOTS of options to layout our living room furniture if we get bored. LOL

Michelle can also sketch out the entire space so you can see it all together. Not sure that she does this every time depending on the size of the job and it is a little more time consuming on her end but I LOVE this. I’ve always wished I could do this myself but I such at drawing (sorry Julian I think you go mom’s drawing skills) and I feel like being able to do this makes you like a legit interior designer.

Funny story when I originally went off to college and met with the college counselor to plan out my schedule she was like what do you want to do and I said I’d love to be an interior designer and she point blank asked me if I could draw and I said no and she said WELP you can’t do interior design) 🤣 OBVIOUSLY you don’t have to be able to draw these days and obviously didn’t want to be an interior designer that bad but looking back I just think thats a funny story to tell now.

Just remember here too you do not have to order everything at once. That’s one thing I’m loving about Luxe is that they are so accommodating. They want you to love what you pick and feel 100% confident in your selections and not overwhelmed. We are for sure doing things in phases but it’s kind of nice to see it all together to see how it will all flow from one room to the next over time. So even if you only have it in the budget to get a new rug you can start there and then build up to the rest of the furniture for the room. Which is what we’re actually doing in Patrick’s office space.

Here’s what I picked…

I pretty much picked everything out on the spot during the selections meeting but of course took it all home to go over things with Patrick and go over our budget again to see what we were comfortable with purchasing at this time. Thankfully he loved the same selections!

I’m excited to see it all come together on move in day. I originally thought we would be moving in before the furniture got here which Michelle informed me if that happened they’re also great to give you loaner pieces in some cases so that would have been nice but here we are still not moved in yet. I’m hoping a majority of our pieces are in and we can just move everything in on move in day! I think typically pieces that are not in stock or are custom take roughly 6-8 weeks so that is something to consider if you are building or know a head of time you’re moving… just to take into consideration!

Luxe Furniture & Design just had their new store grand opening this weekend! They’re now located next to Home Hardware at 10545 S Memorial Dr Tulsa, OK 74133. So fun to even just go in and look around at their furniture to get ideas if you’re not even needing design service or just need to pick out a new piece of furniture.

I hope you all loved this post and I can’t wait to share more with you when we get to see it all come together in person! 🙂

Feel free to contact Michelle at Luxe to inquire about my furniture & rug selections. I haven’t quite gathered all the brand names and Luxe has special access to these items.



PS: Below are a few of the lights we have in the house that I have found online. Except for our chandelier in the living room is from Restoration Hardware but I will try and find something comparable to link.

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