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Instagram @aroundtownbabe

The other day I was at a friends house and we were discussing our upcoming bachelorette trip.  Of course we are trying to plan out our outfits and both being moms it’s hard to get out and go shopping.  So, I was telling my friend about all the places I’ve been looking online and she stopped me to ask if I’d write down these names of these said places.  Pretty sure a majority of everyone knows the names of all the online shops I was telling her about but it then dawned on me that there are still people in the world that don’t consume their life like me with shopping! 😆

Therefore, I decided I would do a little round up of the places I’ve recently been browsing online! 

1. Revolve – Pretty sure unless you live under a rock or don’t have an Instagram account {In my friends case keeping busy with 2 small boys} then you should totally know all about  Recently they ran a huge swimsuit campaign featuring 5 models/influencers for 5 different swimsuit lines… talk about Instagram worthy photos GALORE! #bachelorettepartygoals ALSO, they just released a 50% off memorial day sale this morning!! 

  • Just bought this romper, this hat & how amazing are these RZ shoes, now on sale. Also, loving this choker

2. Topshop – I assume everyone knows of Topshop because it is sold at Nordstrom and everyone knows about Nordstrom right!?!? I’m obsessed with their jeans and basic tops.  My favorite is this little camisole tank I wear with everything!! I purchased it in white & black because I loved the fit so much.  Right now I have an obsession with chokers though (like I’m some Kardashian or something) and stumbled upon this one & this one!! Exactly what I’ve been looking for & love the price.

3. Shopbop – I love shopbop for their extensive selection that seems perfectly curated for my taste.  Right now i’ve been in major need of a swimsuit and would really love a onepiece and I mean just check out all the options!!  Hello, how cute are these earrings for only $25! I could spend hours on that site

So just curious, please tell me you have heard of all these online stores?!?!?

What are your favorite go-to shops for online shopping?!?!? 


Happy Fri-YAY everyone! Enjoy your weekend, YOU deserve it! 



PS: Tulsa Friends! Who’s going to Blue Dome District Arts Festival this weekend?!?! My friends have a booth there & I would love for you to check it out!! 

B48 – Practically Perfect Baby Boutique

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