My Favorite Baby Products – Tristan 3 month Update

Tristan is officially 3 months old!

I feel like I’ve been on maternity leave from blogging and not really posting on my instagram a lot.  Its super hard for me to focus on multiple things at a time so of course my main attention has been all about baby.  I had to take him to the doctor on Friday (Feb 2) to get his eyes checked out, turns out he’s got conjunctivitis :/ but we got to weigh him (my favorite part) while we were there and he is right at 14lbs.  He has started to sleep through the night and overall were pretty blessed with an easy going baby.  Since he has started to sleep through the night I’ve pretty much stopped breast feeding.. I’m a little torn on this.  I personally was having a harder time with breast feeding him, more for selfish reasons, but now that I’ve slowed down doing it I’m starting to feel like I’m not ready to give it up.  I’m going to try getting more into pumping until I’m ready to make a final decision because I know once my milks gone I can’t get it back!  I could go on and on about breast feeding.. we can chat more about that later..

Let’s chat baby products!

^^ Tristan’s Outfit ^^

Dock A Tot

I’m a little obsessive with the dock- a- tot to say the least..  Funny story, my husband and I recently took a QUICK trip to Denver, CO.. literally we were there for 24hrs. We had an early departure time and my parents agreed to watch the kiddos.  I felt bad leaving the baby with them over night even though he has started sleeping through the night I was just anxious about him being at a new place over night and him waking up and my mom having to get up with him.  (Basically I was anxious about leaving my baby over night for the first time) anyways..

SO we decided to stay the night at their house the night before our trip so that the kids would just be at there house and we could just get up and go to the airport without having to wake them up.. & I packed our whole house of course!! LOL

I took the babies noise machine.. I took the diffuser I use in his room so the room would smell just like his room at night thinking it’d make it familiar for him.. I packed his baby camera to set up so my mom could check on him so he could sleep in his own room away from house noise.  My mom had a pack and play and so I planned on just bringing the dock-a-tot to put inside the pack n’ play knowing he’d sleep like a perfect angel, that he is, in it!

WELL I of course was packing last minute and we just rushed right out the door 9pm at night to get to my parents to put the kids to bed. When we got to my parents I started setting up the room for Tristan and realized WE LEFT THE DOCK A TOT and his swaddle at the house.

By this time it was well after 10pm and we were supposed to wake up at 4am to head to the airport.. I FREAKED and made my Dad and husband drive out to our house (a good 20 min drive both ways) to get the Dock-A-Tot and swaddle.  They were so annoyed with me but I was just a nervous wreck about leaving him and him waking up all night long if he wasn’t comfortable and in a familiar setting.

& He slept through the night while at my parents! 🙂

So do I highly recommend the Dock-A-Tot, YES!! 110%.

I had always heard about the Dock-A-Tot in the past but just thought it was like a pillow like the boppy… but its way more then that.  It perfectly cuddles your baby and keeps them put while they sleep or play.  I think it’s worth all the money that it cost! (Click here to get $10 off) You can get the fun play attachment to use during the day, plus it just looks cute!  The deluxe can be used between 0-8 months so I’m pretty much already planning on getting the grand because I’m that attached to it.

The Ollie Swaddle

This is the swaddle that I’m obsessed with that goes hand and hand with the Dock-A-Tot!

I honestly had never heard of the ollie swaddle prior to me receiving it in the mail.  I had recently bought other velcro swaddles but it seemed like Tristan was growing out of them so quickly.. or I was shrinking them in the wash 🤔 No matter how tightly I would try to velcro him in these swaddles he would always get out!  Insert The Ollie Swaddle.  I don’t know if it was just the timing of me receiving this swaddle but it seemed like as soon as I started using it Tristan started sleeping through the night!

(So, it basically became like a lucky charm to me.).

I love that it comes with a laundry bag to wash it in also, that was one thing I hated about velcro swaddles was washing them and how the velcro would stick to things and ruin fabrics.  Plus, this one is one size for all babies!  It has an elastic band at the bottom that you use to tighten it up and helps from the swaddle moving, keeping it in place where you velcro it right under babies shoulders.

I love it so much I personally bought one to have an extra on hand.  I think this swaddle would make a PERFECT baby gift also for a new mom! I found it on Amazon Prime so if you’re like me an need a last minute baby gift for that upcoming shower this is the way to go. 😉

So, YES, I also highly recommend and think its worth every last dollar!!

Lollipop Baby Camera

Before receiving the lollipop camera I had seen it being advertised on instagram and what grabbed my attention first was the cool design and color.

After Tristan was born he was sleeping in the halo bassinet next to my bed and I would wake up every other minute to every other noise he made and would jump up to check on him.  I’m a super light sleeper so I basically wasn’t sleeping great with all the up and down checking on him.  I really wanted a baby camera on him that I could lazily (is that a word, lol) check on him from my phone so I didn’t have to get up to look at him just to see his eyes were still closed.  We had used the iBaby camera in the past but I didn’t know how we would set it up to see into the bassinet and I didn’t want to attach it to the wall knowing he’d only be staying in the bassinet for a short period of time.

Thats when I remembered seeing the lollipop camera and the flexibility it had to attaching to different cribs and the versatility for using it anywhere.  So to say I was excited to receive this camera from Lollipop is an understatement.

It attached super easily to the halo bassinet when I was using the newborn insert.  Not sure that the company would recommend using it that way but it worked perfectly for us! Then when Tristan stayed at Mimi & Papas I easily attached the camera to the pack in play so my mom could watch him from her phone too.  Thats the other great thing is the camera works based off wifi and you just download the app on your phone and boom you are able to watch baby from anywhere.  While we were in Denver I checked on him at night to see if my mom got him to bed and to see if he was sleeping ok.  Talk about piece of mind!!!

What’s even funnier is that when we got up to leave that morning to catch our flight I checked on him right after we left and sure enough he woke up! I noticed my mom hadn’t gone up to check on him so I just picked up the phone and called her to say HEY MY BABIES AWAKE, LOL… she had forgot to turn the monitor on when we left! haha.  HE was totally fine and actually ended up soothing himself back to sleep.


The binxy baby hammock was one product i wasn’t sure about. I had heard of this product in the past because this company is a local Tulsa business but I didn’t think I would like the concept. I pretty much avoid all cost of taking baby out of his car seat while out running errands. He usually fusses when he has to go back in it (Julian was the same way) especially because he’s also mainly sleeping in his car seat while I’m out and about.  BUT now that I’ve gotten this product in my hands and used it at the grocery store it’s PURE GENIUS !!!

After having Tristan and making one trip to the grocery store with him I realized I had forgotten how annoying it was to shop with a car seat in the grocery cart ! You can barely fit anything !!!

Honestly, I hate going to the grocery store so I do my best to do walmart grocery pick up BUT I’m also a hot mess mom who always forgets to “reserve a time” the night before and you know you can’t do that last minute if you need groceries same day!! (Ok, I’m ranting)

Once I realized you could use the binxy baby hammock with the car seat I was all about it. I think it will be even more amazing as he grows and tends to be more awake when I’m out running errands I will for sure use it with just him in it.

Lorena Canals Rugs

Another product I was unfamiliar with before receiving it was the Lorena Canalas Rugs.  These rugs and other home decor are great because they’re WASHABLE!! It’s like music to every moms ears.  So this one really is for everybody not just a mom/baby.. It’s a great option for a baby room since babies tend to be messy.. But really think about all the “high traffic” areas of your home and this rug is an AMAZING option.  I think this one would be super cute for a living room or bedroom.  These rugs are even more perfect if you have pets! Plus the quality is amazing, the rug we have is super soft material it makes for a cozy texture in any room.

^^ Custom Big Brother Shirt + Custom Onesie c/o Stash Tulsa ^^

My favorite part about being a mom to both these boys is watching them love each other so much! Julian loves being a big brother it sometimes overwhelms me how much he wants to love on his brother and Tristans face lights up watching his brother act so silly!


Thank you so much for reading this baby product review post and please comment below if you’d like to see more post like this.

Would also love to hear your thoughts and opinions if you’ve used any of these products so others can see your review too! 🙂



** I received all baby products from companies listed above but all thoughts and opinions are my own**

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