Dupes On Dupes

Hey Girlfriend!!

You all have been LOVING this ‘Fucci Tee’ as I like to call it.  It has been one of my top sellers this past month, along with the ‘Gucci’ Dupe Belt and the Celine Dupe sunglasses.  The Gucci belt had been sold out for awhile so as soon as it came back in stock I freaked out and immediately shared with y’all.    Still waiting for them to come back with the brown color as I didn’t snag that one last time.  Now they just need to make a white one and my life would be set! I’ve been tempted to just buy the real one but trying really hard to hold out. LOL

I have to RAVE about these wedges though! They’re so comfortable, the quality is amazing and you can’t beat the price point.  They also come in 3 other colors and now I’m really wanting a pair of the white ones.

‘Celine’ Dupe Sunglasses // Gucci Dupe T-shirt // Gucci Dupe Belt // White Skinny Jeans // iPhone Case // Long Cardigan // Wedges

 So now I feel like I’ve officially been deemed the ‘DUPE QUEEN’ I now get messages all the time from you girls sharing dupes you have found or dupes you want me to keep an eye out for!

I’ve tried to find a few you’ve asked about and I’ll share some of the ones you girls have sent me.  I honestly prefer only to do clothing and accessories with dupes.. its hard once you start to try and find designer dupe handbags.. it’s hard to find the quality and I don’t know if its the fact that I have actual designer handbags but I guess I should just say if it’s just a look-a-like bag or ‘inspired’ by a designer look I feel more comfortable carrying that.. but once you start trying to find a designer bag with the ‘label/logo’ on it its starts to get a little weird for me. Which is odd because here I am wearing a shirt that says GUCCI on it! 😂

Just being honest here.. and these are just my thoughts and opinions. That being said I love my Chloe dupe handbag you can see me wearing here and I’ve also had a Gucci Dupe handbag you can see me wearing here.

Another dupe thats been a big seller this past month is the Chanel iPhone case. Now next on my list is to find cute Chanel earrings!


Lastly about this outfit THIS CARDIGAN you’ve probably seen me on my instagram/stories wearing it all the time because it’s that amazing! It’s buttery soft and I love the length makes it sooo cozy to throw on over everything.. It also comes in 4 colors and I think I need another color.  I’ll for sure be throwing it over jean shorts too. Plus, it’s getting to be that time of year where everywhere you go they start cranking their A/C and you freeze.  (Currently happening to me right now as I type this out)

I DARE YOU TO ORDER IT & TRY not falling in love with it.  It’s that good!

Another must have are THESE JEANS, holy moly I can’t rave about these jeans enough.  This brand is actually one of my favorite inexpensive jean brands and the material is soft and the rip placement is perfection.  They get better with time.   And HELLO you can’t beat a pair of jeans this good that are only $59.

OK, back to dupes.  Something that has been requested is a dupe Cartier bracelet which I have found one [HERE] but I’ve had my eye on this Cartier look-a-like ring that I think I’m going to order first and see if I like.

Tory Burch look-a-like flats have been requested which I have my eye out for.. THESE HERE aren’t a dupe but a similar style sandal for less.

This  was supposed to be a quick and fun post but now that I’ve gabbed on and on I’ll just say that I see y’all liking the dupes the most so I’m going to continue to update on my blog under the ‘DUPES’ tab at the top of my blog page when I find good ones so make sure to check back weekly to see what new things I find and keep sending me your request.

Hope everyone has a great week!!





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  1. 4.24.18
    Nat said:

    I am hooked and have just checked out thanks to this ensemble! Cant wait to get these in!

    • 4.24.18
      aroundtownbabe said:

      Yayyy!!! Love you Friend !

  2. 6.27.18

    Really like this article! Great info about dupes and love your photos!
    Maybe you want to check my video about dupes – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkIwAKXZ8sM