Cyber Monday Sales

^^ Last year pajamas similar herehere & here Julian’s exact same here ^^

So it’s safe to say I have a obsession with pajamas but around christmas time it even gets more out of control!  I love matching PJ sets and trying to find ones that match Julian without being overly cheesy.. even though i do love cheesssy around this time of year! HELLO HILARIOUS CHRISTMAS SWEATERS and fun onesies, getting this one this year! On Cyber Monday I take full advantage of buying all the matching PJS I can find in our size 😉 Target is having 25% off PJ’s here.  I’m going to tag my favorites below.. 

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday is also a time I stock up on Julian’s cold weather/winter clothes.  My favorites to shop are Gap (50% OFF EVERYTHING!!) , Oldnavy (50% off EVERYTHING!)  H&M (Up to 30% off!) & Zara (UP TO 50% OFF) This year I even found some cute matching clothes for Julian & Patrick.. (I love matching!) lol I’ll link exact purchases below! 

Love buying cute little cardigans for Juj at Gap especially when they’re half off because lets be really its kind of crazy spending almost $50 on 1 toddler top!! So I may have gone a little over board but I just couldn’t help myself… THIS GRAY ONE, THIS PLAID RED ONE, & THIS STRIPE ONE I can not wait to put Julian in! Then I bought Patrick this matching stripe sweater, this matching gray cardigan

I did my best not to shop for myself but I couldn’t resist this deal on the neuLASH I’ve been dying to try! It’s to help grow your eyelashes… Ive used Latisse in the past but I’ve heard so many good things about neuLASH that I’ve been dying to try it! 




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