DUSTER CARDIGAN: Dolce Vita Tulsa || TEE: Vince (similar here)  || JEANS: Nordstrom (similar here) || BOOTS: Aldo (under $100 here) || BAG: DailyLook (another option here)

The other day I wrote an Instagram post about a QUICK OUTFIT TIP talking about how to get inspiration for an outfit.  We look to Pinterest all the time to put together a look in our closet but not always do we have the exact pieces that we see in the picture.  That’s when I like to use a picture for inspiration towards a color palette.   In my blog post today my color story is Camel, Grey and White.  Take those colors, look in your closet and pull items you have in those colors then just piece them together.  I think it’s great if you have the exact clothes that you saw in a photo and can create the same look but I think that taking an inspiration in just the colors is a great way to make the look your own! I love that everyone can shop at the same stores and buy the same clothes but we all have our own personal style and what we feel comfortable in therefore no matter how many people own the same thing their outfit is always going to be interpreted differently.


About this look today I am obsessing over dusters! I talked about another one here that I picked up at Target.  Right now I’m just really into long lengths.  Something about the length just makes me feel more chic in them no matter how I style it, either with just a t-shirt or a cowl neck sweater.   They’re super quick and easy to just throw on over your work out outfit or your work clothes to complete your outfit with a cozy layer for the season.   Another thing I’ve been wearing a lot lately is this new bag.  Loving that it looks so similar to the Chanel Boy bag and for a minuet fraction of the price!!! I originally wore it here. Check out my widget below to see more dusters I’m loving right now. 


Happy Friday!




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