Fit Friday

Happy Fit Friday!!

I’ve missed you. Life has been uber crazy for my family the last few weeks – trunk show, moving into a new house, and of course summer vacation to Costa Rica (which was amazing)!! If you have never been before it’s a MUST.  The waterfalls, jungles, rainforests, ocean, and culture is just about all you would ever need.  AND of course Crista Hobbs (see previous blog post) and I both rocked ATB the entire trip.  

So this isn’t our finest pic due to a large consumption of red wine and vodka tonics, but there is literally nothing better to wear around all day (other than a bikini of course) than an ATB tee, which we are BOTH wearing ;-). I’m wearing the PPLA Wild and Free tee and Crista is wearing our Coral High Low tee that we are sold out of…sorry about that! 


I want to preface this picture by saying, I HATE pictures of myself.  I’m using the word HATE here.  And I especially hate pictures of myself when I’m by myself, with little to no makeup on and curly frizzy hair – “IT’S THE HUMIDITY.”  THAT’S why I’m staring at my feet ;-).  BUT, this was such a fun outfit.  PPLA kiss me pocket tee with our black distressed denim shorts and black and gold studded sandal.  

This has absolutely nothing to do with ATB, but our day at Playa Hermosa (the 3rd largest waves in the world) was my favorite day so I just had to post it.  I’m pretty sure my new goal in life is to become a professional surfer, which should be relatively easy since I live in Tulsa, OK.  As by bestie Kristin Vaughan said when I told her this, “Oh right Tawna.  I hear the surfing in Tulsa is fantastic.” Gotta love her!

Our last night in Costa Rica, so bitter sweet.  I hated to see the vacation come to an end, but at the same time I was SO ready to get home and see my baby girls (yes, this was a kid free vacation).  I’m wearing the PPLA jethro side split shirt and our basic black slip (also available in white).  Crista is wearing the GO-TO PPLA Alyssa T dress (also available in white) layered with the white willow tank (which is also available in black).  

We had to be up the next day, ready to leave the resort by 6:45AM in order to get to the airport for our 12:45PM flight.  We still are unsure why we needed 4 hours in the Costa Rican airport, but we weren’t going to argue with the locals.   Having said that, I battled with the decision to post this moment that my husband was so kind to capture, while we were killing the 4 hours until boarding.  Then I decided that, although I look like some sort of large, hideous, manlike monster with a troll fro, the picture is just too perfect with me wearing our PPLA I hate mondays tee .  So here I go, posting this embarrassing, disgraceful picture of myself, for you 😉

Well that was a very condensed version of our trip to Costa Rica.  Now lets do some abs

Pick your level.  Do all your sets of each exercise resting 30 seconds between sets and up to 2 minutes between exercises.  ENJOY!!


Chase the Fatigue!!

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