Fit Friday

Happy Fit Friday!

Summer, Summer, Summer time.

Does anyone else in Tulsa feel like we skipped spring and jumped head first into summer?  

I thought it would be a good idea yesterday for my daughters and I to go for a walk and it was a scorching 97 degrees.  Now, I know, when its 115 degrees in August, 97 degrees is going to sound pretty awesome, but right now it feels like its burning my skin off (this is me being dramatic).  I thought poor baby WJ may melt right there in the umbrella stroller.  Meanwhile, my oldest, AJ, who refused to wear shoes, was running as fast as she could from shade spot to shade spot because the concrete was as hot as molten lava.  Then there is my sweet middle child, BA, who wore shoes, but immediately took them off upon realizing that her big sister was playing the part of Shoeless Jo and she too wanted to play.  From that point on BA was distracted by EVERY SINGLE patch of sand that she could sit and bury her little piggies in.  So, needless to say we took a 30 minute walk and made it about 3 blocks. Thank goodness I left the dogs at home ;-).

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT I am super excited that it’s summer!!

Speaking of butts, 

Let’s hit our lower half today……whatda ya say?


YEP!!!! It takes a bad ass to build a nice ass so lets get to work.  Here is my favorite leg workout that I created after I had BA, and felt like, my butt had flatten out as quickly as my belly after having the baby.  

Pick a weight that allows you to finish 15 repetitions but is very challenging on your last 3 reps.

2 warm up sets of squats (light weight) 20 reps

3 sets 15 reps – squats

3 sets 15 reps – wide squats

3 sets 15 reps – front squats

2 sets each leg 15 reps per leg – stationary lunges

2 sets each leg 15 reps per leg – front lunged reverse lunge

3 sets 15 reps – straight leg deadlifts

3 sets each leg 15 reps per leg – step ups



Chase the fatigue!!!!



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