Fit Friday Randomness

Happy Fit Friday!


Is anyone else in Tulsa tired of this rain yet?  I mean, if i get one more Flash Flood Warning on my phone I’m going to Flash Flush my phone down the toilet.  And my hair….forget about it.  I don’t know why I keep straightening it.  POINTLESS!

That’s enough complaining I guess ;-).  Moving on……..

I am going to dedicate this Fit Friday blog post to one of my favorite people on the planet, Crista Hobbs.  She not only shot the pictures for last weeks blog post, but a conversation we had over the weekend, inspired today’s workout of the day.

Here she is decked out in ATB, wearing our Champagne S’il Vous Plait PPLA V Neck and our Everyday Neon Lens Sunnies.   SOOOOOOOO CUTE! Two of my favorites.  

Ok, I digress, as usual ;-).

ANYWAY, she and I were talking last Saturday about getting in shape and losing those last 5-10 stubborn pounds and it brought me back to the importance of good old fashioned cardio.  

Sometimes with all of the different research that’s available and all the different modalities of exercise, we forget about the basics.  

It’s not rocket science really.  It’s about calories in vs calories out, and cardio is an efficient way to up your caloric expenditure.  OBVIOUSLY, you never want to be that chick at the gym that spends an hour a day, EVERYDAY, on the elliptical. You need to have diverse exercise regimen, cardio included.  

Here is a 45 minute calorie burning treadmill walk/jog interval workout.  You are going to LOVE this!

Do this 3x/week in conjunction with your strength training program and be summer ready before the rain stops ;-). 

Chase the fatigue!



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  1. 5.30.15
    Crista said:

    I just completed the interval run! Awesome run! The key for me was NO HANDS! Make those legs WERK!