Fit Friday Take 2

I'm officially a MO-ron
I’m officially a MO-ron

First of all…..please disregard messy selfie background. Yes, I took 10 selfies to settle on this one ;-).  We are building a house and apparently you can’t put ANYTHING in a house under construction, on a Monday that you would like to be there on Tuesday. 

Now, back to why I am blogging for the second time on a Friday.  Let me just say this, next week, I will DO the WOD before I POST the WOD.  Fortunately, I have made the spaghetti and meatballs dish prior to posting so feel free to go ahead and attempt that. 

But as for the WOD…..UH……..

I may have over ordered. 😉

I started with 1 clean and 2 burpees over bar.  I made it 7 rounds. WAH WAH WAH

As I was laying on the floor, counting the ceiling tiles, trying to catch my breath, and the 5th person walked by and kicked my foot to make sure I was still alive, I realized….. “Milk was a bad choice.”  For those that aren’t Anchorman fans……I’m a MO-ron! 

So, here’s my suggestion, which is going to sound moderately insane, after writing all that.  

Let’s make it twice as bad……7 minutes just isn’t enough time


Do this exactly as stated in the first blog post.  

  • Start your clock and start with 1 power clean and 2 burpees over bar
  • Rest the remainder of the minute
  • At the top of minute 2 do 2 cleans and 4 burpees over bar.
  • Rest the remainder of the minute. 
  • Add 1 power clean and 2 burpees over bar each minute.  When you reach the minute that you can’t complete your reps take a 2 minute break.  Then continue at your last rep number, but instead of adding reps every minute you will now add reps every 2 minutes. Do this until you can not complete your reps in 2 minutes.  


My time ran out at 7 cleans and 11 burpees over bar (should have done 14 to finish). So, here is where I would have rested for 2 minutes and then restarted at 8 cleans and 16 burpees over bar in 2 minutes rather than 1. I would continue 9 cleans – 18 burpees over bar, 10 cleans 20 burpees over bar, etc, until l die, or until you can’t finish in 2 minutes. 

Good Luck and Chase The Fatigue or in this case RUN from it 😉

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