Fit Friday

Happy FIT FRIDAY ladies!

Last weeks posts I focused on total body strength training, so this week I wanted to give you a cardio/strength combination.  

Being a stay-at-home mom of three I am always looking to maximize my time in the gym.  What is going to burn the most calories in the least amount of time?  The answer……TABATA!!!

Ok, so tabata isn’t the ONLY way to maximize caloric burn, but its my choice today :).  

Tabata has become a widely adopted method of training for people of all fitness levels over the past few years, but for those of you who are unfamiliar……… 

Tabata training (aka, the Tabata Protocol) is a type of high intensity interval training that follows a specific format:

  • 20 seconds of a very high intensity exercise (e.g., sprints) 
  • 10 seconds of rest 
  • Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.

It’s just that easy!! Wait, let me rephrase…….The principle is JUST that easy. The work is HARD :).

We will take this principle and do “8’s” today.  8 exercises/8 sets per exercise 

So without further ado, here is your ATB Workout of The Day!

  1. 20 On, 10 Off x 8 for each exercise
  2. 20 Seconds rest in between each different exercise interval

****Your 20 seconds of work is exactly that, WORK! Timed workouts without a repetition goal can be VERY easy to slack on. DON’T DO IT!!! You go all out, balls to the wall, breathless, max….for 20 seconds.  You have to earn your 10 seconds of down time.  Now, GET TO WORK!!!!!!!!




S H O P   T H E   L O O K   




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