Fit Friday!

Happy Fit Friday Everyone!!


SOOOOOOO……before I start with the ATB WOD, I want to share with you what happened to me today.

After teaching RIPPED at The Health Zone today, one of our regulars, Eileen Guidry, approached me and asked if I was on the Bone Marrow Registry.  Now, as everyone who knows me knows, I have a HUGE needle phobia, so I obviously answered with “No.”  

Eileen proceeded to share a very personal story with me.  

Eileen’s 4 cousins (The Murry Family) Sean (21), Patrick (17), Danny (10), and Timmy (8) were all diagnosed with Diamond-Blackfan Anemia at birth – This is a very rare disease where the bone marrow malfunctions and fails to make enough red blood cells. Less than 500 people in the United States have been diagnosed.  All of the boys will need bone marrow transplants to have any hope of living long, healthy lives.  The life expectancy without a bone marrow transplant is difficult to know, but they may not make it to see 30.  

The Murry family has been searching for a donor for 21 years, and has yet to find a match for their boys.  ONE donor will save all 4 boys.  

This is such a foreign subject for me, so it is difficult for me to try and educate others when I was just informed this morning, but ANYONE with children can sympathize with this family.

What must it feel like to wake up everyday with the fear that you will outlive your children? To know YOU can’t fix them? To ask for help and people say, (in response to being asked to be bone marrow donor) “No thanks, I hear that hurts really bad.”  The thought is gut wrenching.

Please watch this video about the Murry Boys and go get registered to be a Bone Marrow donor.  Eileen is on a mission to save these boys, so contact her if you need help getting registered. It takes 30 seconds.  I’m not kidding, LITERALLY, 30 seconds.  

Eileen and I after RIPPED at The Health Zone!!!
Eileen and I after RIPPED at The Health Zone!!!


Now, (wiping away tears) lets sweat!!!!


I thought we would do a little Crossfit AMRAP today.  For those of you who are not into crossfit, an AMRAP is “As Many Rounds As Possible.”  Super fun, super fast, super effective!

What I love about AMRAPs is you are not limited to rounds. What I hate about AMRAPs is that you are not forced by rounds.   What do I mean by that? Those that are super motivated are able to use the time to push themselves through the rounds to try and achieve the highest number of rounds as possible (which is OBVIOUSLY the purpose of the workout). BUT those that are not highly motivated can use the time to slack. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE!!!!! 

Do this AMRAP, record it and then do it again next week and try to beat yourself.  I love a little competition, even if its just against myself. Winning is winning ;-).  

Here’s todays WOD – Gizmo


Max Rounds in 30 minutes

15x Thrusters


30x Push-ups

45x Squats


Feel free to post your times!! I would love to compare sweat notes :)!!!

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