Fit Friday


I thought I would give Kathryn a break from blogging today and introduce our new Fit Friday series.  

First of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Tawna Scott and I have been lucky enough to partner with Kathryn in this Around Town Babe adventure.  I have always had a passion for fashion, but LEEEEEEEEEEEET’s be honest, FITNESS is my life fuel.  I went to OU to get my undergrad in Health and Exercise Physiology and then continued on to get my Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology.  Am I using these degrees you ask……of course not! 😉 I DO, however, teach Group Fitness and SKY Midtown, SKY South, and at The Health Zone, which I absolutely LOVE!!

Now, enough about me.  Let’s talk about whats on the fitness agenda for the day.  I thought I would introduce one of my FAVORITE total body work-outs.  Does everyone remember how amazing Jessica Simpson looked in Dukes of Hazard? WOWZA! The perfect body in my opinion.  So, this is my Crop Top and Daisy Duke inspired workout…..ENJOY!!


Treadmill – running for 8 minutes at 6-6.5 MPH to warm the legs up for this intensive leg workout.

Bodyweight Squats/Dumbbell Row superset – (3 sets) 25 squats immediately followed by dumbbell rows while in the squat position

Reverse Lunges – (3 sets per leg) 12 lunges each leg

Squat Jumps – (1 set) 25 squats followed by a dynamic jump

Bicep Curls in a Lunge Position – 18 Reps. Superset this with Lateral Raises in a Lunge Position (switch leg position) – 18 reps.  This superset it done for 3 sets.

Dumbell Tricep Extensions (laying on your back) superset with Incline Crunches – 20 reps, each exercise. Superset to be done for 3 sets

Curtsey Lunges – (3 Sets per leg) 18 reps per leg

Traveling lunges – (2 sets) 20 lunges total per set

Forward lunges – (3 sets each leg ) 20 reps per leg 

Treadmill – Running at 6-6.5 MPH for 8 minutes






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  1. 3.27.15
    Judith said:

    Not sure how to do some of the exercises?? It sould be helpful if there was an example of some of them.