Spring Collection 2015 Sneak Peak

SOOO EXCITED that we are FINALLY done with the photo shoot & just days (well just a little over a week) away from launching the website!! We haven’t even seen all the photos from the shoot yet but these sneak peaks from Melissa Click Photography we are DYING OVER!!! There was snow on the ground outside but the lighting in this studio we rented from Meagan Ready makes you feel the sunshine of spring, well and HELLO the clothes are so bright and cute the combo of it all makes you get those anxious springtime butterflies! Oh and our GORGEOUS models don’t hurt to look at.. 😉 Thanks to Kelsie Lloyd for doing our makeup (& modeling) & Lindsey White for doing our hair (& modeling)! Right now Kelsie is working at Mac in Promenade and Lindsey is working at Jara Herron on Brookside.  Of course a huge thank you to our other bombshell models Tonya Smith a fellow stay at home mommy & Lindsey Blackburn the owner of Suite B Salon(who does Tawna’s hair.)  

If you see anything in the photos below that you love & want to know more about/ want to purchase before the launch just shoot us an email OR message us on our facebook page and we would be glad to help you out in anyway possible!! ALSO, if you are a blogger, photographer, any sort of creative type that would like to work on a collaboration with us please also contact us either way as well!! 

Stay in touch for more details about our launch party to come! Shooting for the 1st-2nd week of March!!

Look forward to hearing from you!


Kat & Tawna 

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