Sneak Peak Family Photo Session

It’s such a craze these days to start having professional photos taken of our babies the first week we bring them home from the hospital… So, for the longest time I have felt horrible because I never did a newborn session and then I never did a 6 month or milestone session.  But better NOW then ever and I think the timing ended up being perfect to do our first official family photo session! We are in our new home and just getting settled in so this is a perfect time to document our life.  I haven’t officially gotten the photos yet but am overly excited to share just a sneak peak and to talk about how amazing Melissa Click Photography is!! 

Sometimes when the baby is fussy and the puppy doesn’t want to sit still you just have to go with it.  Melissa did great at keeping things flowing in the chaos and in that moment you capture the essence of your life. That makes me love this photo so much.  Raw life. 

Another reason Melissa is so great is she captures beautiful details.  We just purchased this table and chairs and have been so excited to fill the empty spaces in our house that I’m so happy she got this image! 

The tree in our front yard.  Once again little details are my favorite!! Melissa has a great creative eye that sees the things that not the normal person would even think of capturing in a photo.

Of course we had to make our mark when building the house! 🙂 

Our little family! 

The new addition to the fam! BAILEY! This little pup is just like having a new baby.. but she’s the cutest so she gets away with lots.

Of course I just took these photos off of facebook and instagram! So they are not the original images therefore the quality does not do them justice!! I was just overly excited to start sharing.  Make sure and check back for the full gallery of images from our first family photo session!! 🙂 


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