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When I was working retail friends would always come to me looking for THE PERFECT fur vest.  It’s for sure a fall/winter staple MUST have and sometimes hard to find just the style you’re looking for.  The cute and affordable ones always go fast because girls just gobble them up! They make getting dressed so easy to just throw over a sweater, a long sleeve t-shirt or a cute dress and voila you feel 10x more fabulous!  So, since I have nothing better to do (being a stay at home mommy) then scour the internet for the best finds (joking.. but seriously) I have found a few coveted fur vest that I would LOVE to have hanging in my closet! 🙂 No discriminating, fur vest come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and of course different prices.  Do you like real fur or faux fur? I HEART it all!  

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Below are some pics that show great ways to style a fur vest… bring on the cool weather!!!

via: Pinterest and Bloglovin

What’s your favorite way to wear your fur vest? 

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