Looking back…Maternity style!

Considering it’s #TBT I thought I would take this opportunity to post about my maternity style! This time last year I was just starting to show a little bump and I thought it was so fun seeing how I could still dress stylish with a growing belly!  Sometimes looking back I think I dressed more fun and trendy then I do now without the baby bump.  I blame it on my #mombrain for my lack of motivation lately!!!! FYI: another reason why I have slacked on the blogging :/  


Julian is not sleeping through the night and I’ve resorted to co-sleeping.. and he still wakes up at least 4 times a night… && I keep using our house as an excuse as why  I’ve not tried changing he’s sleep habit! I keep telling myself as soon as we move into the house I’m going to work on getting him in his crib more at night!! BUT I feel like we keep getting told different closing dates on the house.. my least favorite phrases right now “we’re almost finished” and “just 2 more weeks” (which we’ve been saying for the past 2 MONTHS!!!) I think we will for sure be in the house just in time for thanksgiving though.  Which we have already invited a lot of our family to have thanksgiving at our house so it’s for sure a MUST that we are IN THE HOUSE BY THANKSGIVING!!!! 


Back to my maternity style… I thought this would be a fun post because a few of my friends are pregnant this time of the year! Which I personally felt like was such a perfect time to be pregnant considering this time of the year you start wearing leggings, oversized sweaters and lots of layers!!! 

1. Stretchy Dress: this was a must have for me because they’re so versatile! You can wear them before, during, and after.  Also wear them bare leg or with leggings.  Layer sweaters and jackets over them and add boots or flats!  Outfit options are endless!!

2. Oversized Sweater: I lived in oversized sweaters throughout the season.  They were so easy and comfy to just throw on with leggings and to layer with a collared shirt underneath or a cute scarf.

3. Ponte Pants:  Another love of mine, especially for work.  Could dress up or down and made of a stretchy material that I could grow with.

4. Maternity Camis: I layered every top with a cami underneath and still do now.  It made me feel like my bump was always covered up and now that I’m still nursing it’s nice having the extra layer to cover my lower half if I have to pull my top shirt up. 

5. Belly Band: Belly bands were my life savor! I wasn’t big on buying maternity pants so I loved being able to just transition my pants I already had in to maternity pants with the band.  Plus I liked the extra layer it provided. (I love my layers!!)

6. Over the knee Boots:  I worked up until my delivery date and was on my feet a lot so I wasn’t the cute pregnant girl wearing heels! I LIVED in boots and my knee high boots always made me feel a little bit more dressier, or edgier, or sexier.  Whatever I was needing to feel more of that day. πŸ˜‰ 

7. Oversized Cardi: Another favorite of mine… pretty much anything oversized I love! Even before I was pregnant I loved being warm and cozy.  I would throw mine on over an outfit with pants, a skirt, or a dress.   

8. Preggers Tee:  I always wanted this tee when I was pregnant and by the time I found it I felt like I wouldn’t have enough time “Preggers” to wear it! TOTES ADORBS and will for sure will be getting for the next bump. I love a good graphic tee!!

9: Statement Necklace:  A statement necklace is something I use to finish a look or dress up a casual outfit for work.  Also, say I’m not feeling so fancy one day I would throw a statement necklace on and voila! instant smile on my face. πŸ™‚ 

10: Cute Headband:  Everyone needs a cute headband (or a few) for those bad hair days OR when the baby is sucking the life out of you and you wake up late for work and have worn your hair up every day that week and need to try on a new look! ha! This was for sure me towards the end… my brain wasn’t always fully functioning.  


Excited for all the future babes and mommies!  I feel like every day I find out about another friend or acquaintance that is preggos and it’s so awesome now that I’m a mommy I love sharing tips and advice or just to be an ear to complain too! PS: please feel free to leave me any advice or tips on how to break my babe of co-sleeping/comfort nursing/help him sleep through the night!  I’m open to suggestions… πŸ™‚  

Thanks for checking out my #TBT 


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  1. 11.14.14

    You are friggin awesome and adorable! Let me just begin by saying that!

    I also loved how you made dressing up fun even while pregnant! So many Mom’s I’ve witnessed in the past were either too worried about the bump to even bother or got down on themselves about weight gain, forgetting how beautiful they really looked no matter what! Your post inspires those mommies out there to still feel like a queen no matter what! Loved this!

  2. 11.14.14
    Kat Khatibi said:

    Wow! I love your style. I don’t look this put together normally let alone when I was preggo. Good for you!

  3. 11.14.14

    Oh how I wish I had looked that cute in my maternity clothes almost 2 years ago! I was pregnant all summer and on bed rest. So tank tops and shorts were my go to! Lol Maybe when I get pregnant with baby #2 I’ll dress cuter!

  4. 11.16.14
    Ashley Gabrielle said:

    I love your outfits, maternity or not. You look great! This is such a great post, I mean if I was pregnant I would totally look to you for tips and ideas to put together outfits. Who says you can’t look cute and put together while being pregnant?