20 week Bump Date

So, true story I couldn’t decide which sunglasses I liked more with this dress.. Honestly wish I would have kept the DIFF sunnies on because they look so much better but thought they’d be too busy with this dress.  Well now I know… 😉

I wore this dress for mothers day (as seen here on my IG when I announced I was pregnant!) and I loved dressing it up with heels but really think I’m loving it more just dressed casual with these cute sneakers (great option here for $24.99)

Outfit Details: Jessie James Decker X DIFF sunglasses (25% off w/ code:AROUNDTOWN),  Free People Dress comes in 4 other colors too (Exact similar dress for less), Pink Sneakers, Celestial Choker, Celestial Earrings,  Kendra Scott Necklace, Stackable Rings

I’M OFFICIALLY HALF WAY!! It has been flying by.. ok this week I’m technically 21 weeks but just calling this post 20 week update because that’s what I was last week when I took these photos so just go with it 😉

So, if you’re following along on my IG then you probably already know WE ARE NOT FINDING OUT THE GENDER… so far… we are going to try and wait until the baby is born to see what he or she is!! Which I thought would be easier after this past ultrasound but now it is even harder because I think I heard the tech type out B-O-Y… she totally could have tricked me though! I know.. I’m bad for even paying attention to that but really it’s starting to get harder an harder on me to wait.  Plus, this whole picking out a name thing is agonizing especially trying to come up with TWO NAMES!!

I’m really loving boy names for a girl and was kind of loving the name James for a girl.. but I don’t think my husband is loving it.  For a boy I’m liking the idea of having it’s first name be Patrick (my husbands name) but picking a middle name we would call baby boy by.  Also originally was thinking I’d like to stick with J names but having a hard time loving J names.. so if you have suggestions LET ME KNOW!

**Please comment below with boy or girl name suggestions, help a sister out!!**

I’m starting to feel great though and getting lots of my energy back.  The first trimester was kind of hard on me it seemed as if I was more nauseous this time then with Julian and I had the baby blues.  Which then gave me anxiety thinking about postpartum depression.  To be honest I think I experienced a bit of that with Julian but more so it was just adjusting to all the new life changes.  Life happened pretty quickly for Patrick and I after getting married. Two months in to marriage we became pregnant, started to build a house, Julian was born, moved into new house, I didn’t go back to work and instantly became a stay at home wife/mommy that I never imagined myself being one day.  So that may sound crazy but it was a lot for me to adjust too.

BACK to this pregnancy, we are very excited to be adding to the family and for Julian to have a sibling.  Lately you can tell Julian is needing a playmate and as of now he’s been saying baby is a sister and wants to name her Chloe? First off I’m thinking he wants a sister because he thinks he won’t have to share toys with her and I’m thinking he likes the name Chloe because he goes to school with a Chloe. LOL we will see about that!  It has at times been hard when I’m feeling very exhausted and Julian just wants all the attention and to play, sometimes movies are watched so mommy can rest or I lounge by the pool while he swims.

I feel like Julian is helping me stay in better shape this time around though too!!  I was getting in such a great workout routine at the beginning of the year but since finding out I’m pregnant that has completely gone out the window.  BUT Julian keeps me going.. apparently I’ve only gained 5lbs but that is hard for me to believe with how big my belly feels at times.  Now Julian is officially done with ‘summer wee school’ I think I will try to get back in the gym so I can stay toned.  When pregnant with Julian I gained over 50lbs so I’d really love to stay closer to the 30lb range which is looking possible, fingers crossed!!

I’ve been using ‘The BUMP’ app and loving it for all the updates.  Last pregnancy I also really like the What To Expect App and being apart of a mom forum with other moms to discuss progress and ask questions.  I haven’t gotten back on that app but now thinking about it I need to do that asap because I really loved connecting with the other moms on there.

**If you have any other pregnancy app suggestions I would love to hear about them. Comment below!**

OK, going to cut this off here because the Hubs is on his way home for lunch with Canes chicken *likcing my lips* I’m so hungry.  Yes I really haven’t been eating the most healthy things but try to keep it balanced with lots of fruits, vegetables and hummus as snacks.  Which is MORE healthy then I did last time. LOL I worked at the mall my whole pregnancy with Julian and ate food court food way too much! Random, but I’ve also had less heart burn this time around.

Anyways, sorry this is soooo long but I hope you enjoyed it and have a great rest of your week!



PS: comment below if there are any other questions or updates you’d love to hear about! 😉 



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  1. 6.28.17
    Terry said:

    Well Ms Kat–here are some boy and girl names from your momma #2:) Jeffrey, Jonathan, Jacob,Justin or Jace
    For a girl: Jessica(Jessie), Julia, Jaclyn or Jacque—-all these would go nicely with the middle name Claire:)

    Good luck picking one—I didn’t have names picked out when Tonya was born until the night before she was born!!

  2. 6.29.17
    aroundtownbabe said:

    Love the name Jaclyn, I have a feeling I’ll be waiting up until the last minute like that too!!

  3. 6.29.17
    Callie said:

    The tech told me they have keys that say “boy” sand keys that say “girl” so you can’t tell! Haha

    • 6.29.17
      aroundtownbabe said:

      Ok that would make a lot of sense!! I wondered if she was trying to trick me cause she was checking the femur too!

  4. 6.29.17
    Lauren said:

    I loved the ovia app when I was pregnant! Not so much for their forums, but for fun size comparisons and their weekly videos!

    • 6.29.17
      aroundtownbabe said:

      OH! I haven’t heard of that one. Thanks so much for sharing I’m going to check it out now! 🙂